Sunday, March 25, 2007

lousy male driver

I know, I know. People always say women are terrible drivers. I don't disagree, but I guess there are times when a male driver comes along and really makes you slam your body weight into the car horn.

So this is what happened: I was driving in lane, with a Right Turn Only lane on my right. The light turned green, so as I moved off, I suddenly noticed a car on my right side trying to overtake me. Okaaay. This car came from my blind spot, so luckily I usually don't (read: cannot) accelerate fast, so I let this Chevrolet overtake me. So this car is in front of me, speeding up considerably, leaving me in the dust. Haha. Just kidding. I travelled at a leisurely 60km/h and then I see this car at another junction ahead of me. It had its right signal on, but then I saw it trying to cut out. Since I was going to slow down anyway, I let it out. Then. Then then then. It turned right at the same junction as me. There were two turning lanes, so I was on the left one, while it took the inner one. There was this big IMM bus in front of me, so I was pretty slow. Then the IMM bus sped up, leaving a gap between us. As I was about to accelerate, this same bloody Chevrolet turned on its left signal, wanting to cut in. I tapped my horn, warning it that I'm travelling fast, so it better not cut in. Then I stopped accelerating, cos this car look like it was going to head into the expressway on the left. So this nice little weekend Chevrolet cut into my lane, and looked like it was heading into the expressway, so I sped up, and LO AND BEHOLD: IT SWERVED OUT OF THE FILTER LANE RIGHT BACK INTO MY LANE.

Let me just say that I horned it loud and long. I got horned by another car cos I was eating too much to my right. I was trying to avoid the damn Chevrolet, cos I had no idea whether it was still going to turn left at the next junction, or cut out into right lane. Like, what the hell, its left signal was still on, can or not. And then, just before we reached the traffic junction, it filtered to the right to make a U-turn. I caught a glimpse of the driver: MALE. LOOKING LIKE HE'S LOOKING FOR SOMETHING.

Hello, if you don't know the place, if you're searching for something, don't bloody drive in the right most lane. And for the love of god, drive SLOWLY. It won't kill you to drive at 50km/h. When I'm in a new place, or lost, I try to stick to the left most lane (the slow lane) so that I don't accidentally hog lanes or crash into something. After all my accidents, I'm quite careful now. I have no major accidents for three months!

Anyway, bloody weekend car. P-plate some more. I know, I know, I just took off my P-plate about 3.5 months ago, but I drive every single day, manual car some more, so don't come and tell me my driving skills suck. They are passable, at any rate.

I like to end off with this quote, though. It keeps things in perspective:

"The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above-average drivers." -Dave Barry

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