Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wedding Pictures

Last weekend, I attended the wedding/s of one of my Kendo seniors. Was quite a packed weekend! Here are some pictures, cos I wasn't really in camera-whoring mode.

Pic 360: The church.

Pic 361: The hamsum bridegroom, looking smart in his No. 1.

Pic 362: Twinny and me.

Pic 363: Godspeed and me. Either he is taller than I thought, or my heels aren't as tall as I hoped.

Pic 364: Enginger and me, him being the melodramatic person that he is. He is about to attack a small cube of oreo cheesecake.

Pic 365: I love capturing people at awkward times. Enginger's drinking punch while Godspeed's chewing something.

That's all for the church wedding. After that, I went home to take my ez-link card, cos I forgot to bring it out, then went out with some friends. No pictures from there! I got like, the most terrible chafs from my new wedges. I'd take a picture of them, but I'm too lazy to walk out to the living room. Those shoes are KILLERS. And to think that I may potentially have to wear them and walk ten minutes to the school I'm posted to... *dies*

Had grading the next morning. After I was done, I asked Michael for permission to leave, and then rushed to Saizou's place with help from Enginger. Saizou's dog is really lazy, and so nuah. And it wants to be sayang so much... Tsk. Spoilt dog! But very cute larh. d= Got the results of my grading when I was at the wedding lunch, and I kaypoh-ed about people's results.

Pic 366: Peepee's ocifers. It's blurry cos the zoom on my camera is shit lousy.

After the lunch, me and Saizou went down to Borders to meet some of the Kendo people to walk walk. I bought a book, then we went to Taka to walk around. Had Mos Burger for dinner, and... I don't really remember what else we did.

Pic 368: Saizou and me! She has yet to send me her pictures. I taught her how to change exposure in her camera, and I would bet she's eternally grateful. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 19, 2006

what's the deal?

Read this! I came across it while surfing/gestapo-ing/whatever you want to call it. I think it's quite well-written. Here are some bits:

"If you've ever wondered about rank in kendo, the general bottom line is that rank doesn't matter. In my experience, no one really cares too much about it. Everyone's goal really is just to get better at kendo and perhaps you've noticed that no one in kendo wears anything special to denote their rank."

"...rank (and achieving rank) can be a positive thing in kendo. It can give us a sense of where we are (in terms of kendo ability/knowledge) and where we're headed or what we can look forward to. In our goal-driven society, rank can be a source of encouragement as well."

"So... should you worry about testing? The first testing can be a bit stressful because you want to do well. You know what the judges expect you to be able to do, but you may not know how well the judges expect you to do it! In the end, it's nothing to get worked up over. In my past as taekwondo student, I went through several testings which lasted anywhere from one to three hours. This is simply not the case with kendo. At best, you may be on the floor in front of the panel for 5 or 10 minutes. This obviously may add to your stress as you feel you don't have enough time to fully demonstrate what you can do. Promotional panels have a lot of experience, though, and are very able to see potential even when you're not "picture perfect". So, when you go in for testing, simply do what you know how to do and let the judges do their thing. No sense in worrying about it! Whether you hold a rank of 4.kyu or shodan, you'll always find yourself practicing and sparring people with more experience and higher rank and anyone, of any rank, can score a point or win a match against anyone else on any given day.

Regardless of rank, kendo is an ongoing learning experience. You might consider using promotionals as an encouragement to better your kendo, but ultimately, rank is not the end-all/be-all of kendo.

Something to keep in mind...."

Pictures from PeePee's wedding(s) will be coming soon. Congratulations to PeePee and his lovely wife, Joanne!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ju's Index.

Took the following off one of my pals. I miss her so much! When are you coming home! Meanwhile, I'm also missing my Baobei lots. When are YOU coming home? )=

INDEX OF GUYS FOR GIRLS NOT TO DATE (Can be reversed for the vice versa)

1. High-profile guys
Because girls are attracted to them like flies to food and if they take an interest in you, you should be wary. If you don't fall at their feet like all the rest do, you become a challenge, a commodity they want to obtain. After which you will be dropped like a hot potato.

2. Flirts
They want to charm the pants off girls and they develop crushes easily. They can’t be trusted with your heart. Who wants a boyfriend who pays more attention to other girls than to you?

3. Sweet Talkers
I’ll pick the moon from the sky for you, I’ll catch you the stars, I’ll give you the world. Really? Go ahead and show me. I love you. Liar. They never live up to all the sweet talk. The sweeter the tongue, the less trustworthy the person.

4. Half Assers
This breed has the distinction of being particularly half assed about relationships. They give up at the first roadblock because they’re too lazy to put in effort.

5. Guys whose exes hate them (and guys who lie about it)
There must be a good reason all these girls hate his guts, no?

6. Shy introverts
Instead of them standing up for you, you have to stand up for them. Extroverted girls should never date introverted guys. Severe inequality = severe discontent.

7. Arrogant/Cocky/Egoistic/Testosterone-laden males
Arrogant guys think they’re right all the time, they don’t give a prick about your opinions. It’s always me me me me me I’m the man I’m the bronzed god of fertility yada yada yada look at me check me out am I cool or what am I God’s gift to women or what. Eff off buggers.

8. Horny Guys
Horny guys just want to bang as many girls as they can; they will do anything to get you in the sack. And who knows what assortment of STDs they have

9. Guys who want to cheat with you
Because if they’ll do it to other girls, they’ll do it to you. Never ever date a cheating boyfriend (not yours and not some other girl’s either).

10. Guys who fall in love with you at first sight
You can’t. How do you fall in love without knowing a person? A face tells you nothing. It’s only one of many faces and you can’t be sure it’s the one she wears most often. Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are. So it is only reasonable to suggest that if you're prone to falling in love at first sight then you must be fairly superficial.

11. MCPs
Because they are insensitive pigs who place their values, opinions and needs above yours. Because they think women should do all the cooking and the cleaning, and that we're stupid broads who are only good for sex.

12. Guys who don’t make you feel alive
Only one life to live girls. Don’t waste it on corpses.

(The bait that gives you hope. Dangles juicily but when you try to grab onto it, you get a hook through the roof of your mouth)

Baiting generally abides by three important rules.

1) Charm her and make her laugh, then delve into a sadder, lesser known aspect of your life and make her feel like she's the only one you confide in because she understands you

2) Tell her what she wants to hear (or hint it) so she feels special eg. you miss her/need her/like her/could love her/you've only done this with her

3) When she's vulnerable, play catch and release or hot and cold or caring then aloof

Okay ladies. Once you recognize the bait, you won't fall for it. But you ask, how do you know that the guy isn't serious? Some of them do actually go about it that way if they really like a girl.

The answer is, I don't know. lol. Just use your head, isn't that what it's for? Oh, don't lie to yourself. That never works out well.

Isn't this like, da bomb?

Last time in JC, my class started writing this epic story. When I mean epic, I mean really epic. It started off one day in class when a girl or two was bored. So they wrote a little story about gorillas and I forgot what else. Basically, it eventually evolved to the point where everyone in the class was included, and we all had our own little nicknames. It was damn funny. There were like, little scandals here and there. Unfortunately, I can only remember one particular nickname: Sir Vadid. Then there was some really long funny name for Ju, but I can't remember what.

I got my own little role too. I was... SeeNeek. Now, say it out loud and figure out what word that is. Go on.

I really want to be seventeen again. I want to be that little cynical girl who didn't need to deal with things like romance and flowers, who only needed a bunch of good pals around, who faked cramps to get out of P.E., who looked at cute guys in the class next door, and also laughed at a guy in the class next door.

Damn, I miss being seventeen.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back

I remember hearing this song for the first time somewhere around the age of 17 or 18. Actually, I saw the lyrics for it first, and I kinda liked the chorus. I was on my way home from tuition when my Zen played this song, and I'm like, wow nostalgia. I still like the lyrics.

She's taking her time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside.
Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes,
Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one
They're saying, "Mama never loved her much,"
And, "Daddy never keeps in touch,
That's why she shies away from human affection."
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space,
And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot to come.
And she'll say to him:

She's sayin,
I would fly up to the moon and back if you'll be,
If you'll be my baby.
I've got a ticket for a world where we belong,
So would you be my baby?

She can't remember a time when she felt needed.
If love was red then she was color blind.
All her friends, well they've been tried for treason
And crimes that were never defined.
She's saying, "Love is like a barren place,
And reaching out for human faith
It's like a journey I just don't have a map for."
So baby's gonna take a dive and
Push the shift to overdrive,
Send a signal that she's hanging all her hopes on the stars.
What a pleasant dream...


Mama never loved her much,
And Daddy never keeps in touch,
That's why she shies away from human affection.
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space,
And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot to come.
And she'll say to him:

Chorus x2

Friday, June 09, 2006

Beach Outing

My father suddenly decided to bring the family for a picnic at Changi beach on Sunday. Since I had nothing better to do than to sit at home and watch Buffy, I decided that I should spend some quality time with my sister.

So I got picked up around 12plus, and I drove instead. Apparently my father has some problems these days with driving, so I took over. My stepmom had to look after my sister in the back seat, so it had to be me. On the bright side, my father said that my driving is more steady now. Of course! After driving for six months, almost at least once a week, it SHOULD improve, else I'd be really upset.

So, pictures, after a huge drought.

Pic 352: My stepmother and me.

Pic 353: My sister and my father, waving to me. It was my father's turn to bring her into the water. I went into the sea with her first and got my shorts wet.

Pic 354: My sister!

Pic 355: Sister running across the sand towards my father. There was this huge ship that was being tugged along.

Pic 356: Sand angels, anyone?

Pic 357: Another one. The good thing now is that she actually understands the concept of staying still for a picture.

Pic 358: Playing with sand.

Pic 359:Hehe, stepmother's turn to go into the water. I forgot what my sister was looking at. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006


As of 3rd June 2006 at 11am, I signed away four years of my life. Why four? One year training, three years bond. Well, two more things to get settled by 20th June, and then I'm all set for the rest of my life.

Too bad the only secondary school within walking distance is now currently undergoing some major uber renovations. Don't know when it'll be back, hopefully by the time I graduate from that ulu campus in Boon Lay. Meanwhile... please don't let me go to some school in Katong... *crosses fingers*

Saturday, June 03, 2006


All your life you are told the things you cannot do.
All your life they will say you're not good enough
or strong enough
or talented enough;
they will say you're the wrong height
or the wrong weight
or the wrong type
to play this or be this or achieve this.
a thousand times no,
until all the no's become meaningless.
All your life they will tell you no,
quite firmly and very quickly.


-Nike advertisement