Thursday, July 28, 2005

Matriculation Fair 2005

Yeah, I know it isn't over yet, but chances are I won't be manning the booth tmr, so here are some pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday. Cleverly forgot to bring a camera on Monday, so... too bad. I guess there really isn't much anyway.


Picture 144: Who's behind this security tag?

Picture 145: Who's behind this fan?

Picture 146: Mr. Lei revealed.

Picture 147: Wai: "Huh?" I guess it was too early in the morning to be taking shots of people.

Picture 148: Mr. Lei's cute samurai t-shirt. The back of the shirt has the word "BUSHIDO" in place of "SAMURAI".

Picture 149: Our Kendo booth this year. A little drab, as compared to...

Picture 150: ... Karate! Was next to us, and the guy in charge was pretty friendly. But even after three days, I don't know his name. -_- That's his stuff you're seeing in the pictures. He damn garang, spent the first night in school cos he was too lazy to bring everything back home and then to school again.

Picture 151: Our fake mannequin for this year.

Picture 152: Our beloved Publicity manager, who chao geng and came for the last hour of matric fair. He managed to get more people to leave their emails in the last ten minutes than we had in the last two hours. All hail!


Picture 153: Learning more about Karate from our friendly neighbour.

Picture 154: Enginger happily shaking up and down.

Picture 155: Trying to act all intellectual instead of promoting Kendo.

Picture 156: Uncle Brown Nut looking at Karate videos in awe.

Picture 157: Ah John of the Japanese Culture Society (I forgot the name of the club, I hope I got it right), who was unlucky enough to be captured on camera. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 21, 2005

My room (part of)

Picture 139: A cheapo puzzle that I bought a few weeks ago. I completed it, forgot to take a picture of the finished product, my mother changed the lightbulb in my room and accidentally stepped on it. So the pieces are now all inside the box, resting on top of my desktop.

Picture 140: A picture of my spanking new desk after my mother forced me to take away the old round table. Suffice to say, I was not happy about having to move my stuff with no prior mental preparation. But the deed was done, and I now have a rectangular desk. Just like everyone else. Welcome to conformity.

Picture 141: Closeup of the left side of the table. Here's my beautiful white laptop (now it has a Kurt Halsey picture stuck on it), and no, it is no Macintosh. Bunch of stationery at the corner, including the pencil case NUS saw fit to give me when I matriculated almost two years ago. A calendar from Sakae Sushi. A few textbooks that do not happen to fit on the overhanging shelves right above the desk. The shelf can't take the weight of the mighty heavy Calculus book anyway.

Picture 142: The right side of my long rectangular desk. Uh, you can see a bowl and a cup. I eat at my laptop, which is why I am finding ants on my laptop sometimes. If I'm not careful, I might end up like one of my ex-classmates, having to go to the comp centre and opening it up to find a nest of ants. Bunch of Christmas cards and photo albums. Used to be on the longer, lower shelf that you can see under the desk, but alas, the space is no more. Hence the messy side of the desk. My handphone and my purse on top of a bunch of letters that I should really put away. Far right lies my bed.

Picture 143: And this is my desktop, that died on me a few months ago. Finally installed Sims2 on it. That's what's on the screen, btw. I think I was building a house or something. It's a messy place. I am sorely tempted to reformat it, because I think my uncle didn't install some components. But I am a computer idiot, so I'll need help. I think I'll do this during the midterm break, which is about two months away. Set realistic goals for yourself! Just like how I set realistic new year resolutions. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bloggers.SG Con

So. Today I went to the bloggers con thing, like the inner groupie that I am. It was held at DXO, formerly Embassy (went bankrupt or something). Kindly sponsered by MSN Microsoft, and all the panelists were using iBooks. Learnt some new stuff, like the legal aspects of blogging (do you know I can potentially get sued if I link someone's blog with the intention of passing on defamatory rumours about them?). I also finally learnt what technorati tags and RSS feeds are. And I also learnt that there are people who love to be read (their blogs, I mean). But even as I scoff, I know that something someone said (I think it was Kenny Sia) rings true: all bloggers fall into the space between writing for themselves and writing for others. So you can say, "I have a private blog!" but you're really writing for a small group of people.

If I chiong, or at least enjoy parties, I would have stayed for the party. Eh, FREE FLOW from 7 - 10pm, no cover charge, it's FREE. Free stuff, who don't want?

Picture 135: From right: Daryl (who got mobilised halfway through the con), mrbrown and Mr Miyagi.

Picture 136: Kenny Sia, Malaysian blogger.

Picture 137: My friend and I. He's my VJC junior, though I knew him before he entered VJC. (This is a photoshopped picture of himself. I don't need to be photoshopped... I am naturally chio. HAHAHAHAH.)

Picture 138: The belly-dancers! They performed three dances as a post-con entertainment thing. My friend's face has been purposely blurred to protect his humsup-ness. (Don't kill me!) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

East-West Tournament

Picture 128: Blurry shot.

Picture 129: Precious and me!

Picture 130: SO FAIR! Never go suntanning.

PIcture 131: The girls of NUSKK! *winks* Lousy picture, cos it was too dark, and I have a sucky camera.

Picture 132: The guys of NUSKK. Admire Mdm Wong's beautiful foot at the bottom of the picture.

Picture 133: NUSKK at East-West!

Picture 134: A fun picture. Posted by Picasa