Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bloggers.SG Con

So. Today I went to the bloggers con thing, like the inner groupie that I am. It was held at DXO, formerly Embassy (went bankrupt or something). Kindly sponsered by MSN Microsoft, and all the panelists were using iBooks. Learnt some new stuff, like the legal aspects of blogging (do you know I can potentially get sued if I link someone's blog with the intention of passing on defamatory rumours about them?). I also finally learnt what technorati tags and RSS feeds are. And I also learnt that there are people who love to be read (their blogs, I mean). But even as I scoff, I know that something someone said (I think it was Kenny Sia) rings true: all bloggers fall into the space between writing for themselves and writing for others. So you can say, "I have a private blog!" but you're really writing for a small group of people.

If I chiong, or at least enjoy parties, I would have stayed for the party. Eh, FREE FLOW from 7 - 10pm, no cover charge, it's FREE. Free stuff, who don't want?

Picture 135: From right: Daryl (who got mobilised halfway through the con), mrbrown and Mr Miyagi.

Picture 136: Kenny Sia, Malaysian blogger.

Picture 137: My friend and I. He's my VJC junior, though I knew him before he entered VJC. (This is a photoshopped picture of himself. I don't need to be photoshopped... I am naturally chio. HAHAHAHAH.)

Picture 138: The belly-dancers! They performed three dances as a post-con entertainment thing. My friend's face has been purposely blurred to protect his humsup-ness. (Don't kill me!) Posted by Picasa


Cowboy Caleb said...

wah lau, the guy in the second pic is wearing the same shirt in the blurred out pic leh.

heartw|sh* said...

cowboy caleb-> yeah i know... this is something called sabo. heh.

ladyofsorrows said...


ladyofsorrows said...

can i ask u two qns? it's for a fren..

1) What constitutes opinions and what constitutes slander?

2) Does this suing shit apply to other countreis' blogs as well?