Saturday, July 31, 2004

Baobei's Birthday.

Picture 29: Candles on toast!

Picture 30: Group picture. It was Baobei's birthday! Posted by Hello

Picture 28: Half of my JC class.

Picture 28: Half of my JC class, went for outing on Wednesday, 28th July. Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Pictures. East-West, Matric Fair

Picture 25: NUSKK!! Taken after 10th East-West Tournament. We're all happy kendoka. Archived picture not very nice. Msg me for the full pic!

Picture 26: The bogu mannequin for Matric Fair.

Picture 27: Our banner. Come and visit us! Posted by Hello

Picture 24: My new shinai.

Picture 24: My new shinai. Just bought it from Kendoshopman. Went to his place and picked out one that I like. It's about the same weight as my current shinai, I feel. Can't wait to treat it, then use it. Posted by Hello

Friday, July 23, 2004

Picture 23: Updated Kendo flyer.

Picture 23: Updated Kendo flyer for Matriculation Fair 2004. Posted by Hello

It's 1.15am, I don't want to talk about it. Due to Chinaboy's (ie. the IT person) request that the website for NUSKK be included in the flyer, Enginger did a little bit of editing (with lots of complaints from this receiving end). Hence you can see the name of the picture is "flyer5of1000". Didn't reach two digits! How's that!

Okay, I'm going to sleep. Comments on the flyer please, although nothing much that I can do to it since it's off to be printed on Friday or Saturday already.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Picture 22: Sneak peek.

Picture 22: Sneak peek at the official flyer for Matriculation Fair 2004. Posted by Hello

Went to Enginger's house and did up the flyer today. Finally done! I bet if I leave it to him, he can't do it as prettily as I have. *preens* Anyway, give comments. Nice? Don't worry about the little, uh, crinkles in the background. Didn't manage to get the original copy used for the t-shirt, so kopped the jpeg off my meimei's website. (THANKS MEIMEI! *muacks*) But don't worry, when it's printed out, it looks just fine. Just a little not that satisfied that the hands and shinai is cut off, but well, can't help it. If the picture's any smaller, it won't look that nice already.

Isabella, Wensi, don't mind your numbers there? Or do you want me to blur it out. But then again, I don't think there will be... stalkers, will there? *gasp*

Okay, comment hor.