Sunday, April 16, 2006


This is dead cool. Photobucket now allows free members to upload VIDEOS. Omg can you just see the possibilities?

This is an old old video, from our camp in 2004. The most interesting part of this video isn't the the fight... it's the background commentary by Enginger. X= Btw, this is a practice shiai between YK and Lincoln, with Dax as the shimpan. If you're bored (which I somewhat was, cos I was waiting for the classic one-liner), scroll towards the end, right after YK takes a do point off Lincoln.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Argh... I was like, all ready to come to school with my Daisy (the laptop) and listen to Rent the movie OST while I study for my pharmacy. THEN. When I sat down and switched on my laptop, I realised I forgot one thing.



So while I can study for my PR next week... I am unable to enjoy my music. *sobs* I didn't bring my mouse cos I don't think I need it, but my earphones!!! *cries* I've been addicted to it for about a week now, and the worst part is, I didn't bring my Zen either!

So now I'm stuck in a room with no music. )= This sucks. And I shall start studying now.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dinner outing

Had a dinner outing, in 'celebration' of Zach's visit to Singapore. Here are some pictures:

Picture 342: Guess who's back?

Picture 343: Zach looks REALLY happy to be taking a picture with Enginger...

Picture 344: Just can't stay still for a nice shot. See how eager Saizou is! She was making the guys pose like that with her...

Picture 345: This is what I call spontaneous (and bu yao lian).

Pic 346: My turn!

Pic 347: I don't know what he's trying to do, but don't you agree that Zach has this very, "YES! I'VE DONE IT!" kinda pose? Nvm, it's just me.

Picture 348: Dky: "Look! There!" Mky: "Look? Where?"

Picture 349: Caramel Ice Blended from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. My favourite. Posted by Picasa