Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Genting Trip (Part I)

Went for a short holiday over the midterm break weekend to Genting. My second time out of the country in a year! It was cold, but I didn't freeze. So cold that I could see my breath! How exhilarating... the last time I saw my breath come out of my mouth as vapour was nine years ago.

Since we departed on Mid-autumn's Day, we celebrated it the night before. Had my fill of mooncakes and oolong tea. Lit my lanterns too! In the past few years, I used to buy one paper lantern, a box of candles, light it up, switch off the kitchen lights and let it burn. Really no life, but well, that's the best I could get. So this year, celebrating it with my other family was quite enjoyable.

Picture 240: Celebrating Mid-Autumn's Festival. The grapes are there to provide some variety (and also cos that was the only thing my sister ate). On the top right, you see the yellowish thing? Durian snow skin mooncake. I love snow skin mooncakes, esp when it contains only the paste (no yolk, please!). It was DELICIOUS. Kindly contributed by the neighbour. At the bottom left, there's this plate of black things that look like shit, smell like shit, and - according to my brother - tastes like shit. I was too humji to try. Then again, why would you want to eat something that resembles shit in every way?!

Picture 241: My beloved sister, finally learns how to pose for pictures. We tell her, "Melody! Chak chak!" And she'll gamely pose. Though only when she feels like it. Don't you think this is just so damn cute?

Picture 242: The lanterns I lit.

Picture 243: The coach we were in. Got a pretty good driver, hardly any of the sudden jerks. And he got us to the foot of Genting in exactly six hours!

Picture 244: On the M'sian highway. There are more scenery pics, but I shan't bore you.

Picture 245: Leaving the cable car station. My first time in a cable car!

Picture 246: Stepmom and Melody. Another one of those pictures where Melody actually sat still long enough to get a nice picture. Check out her funky pants.

Picture 248: Ahh... How sweet.

Picture 249: Approaching the top of the hill. I tell people that it was damn cold and damn misty. Now I have pictorial evidence.

Picture 250: My brother and I. Please ignore the large pimple on my left cheek. Also, please ignore the really funny expression on my brother's face. He complained that I chopped off the top of his head, but well, this is what happens when you are taller than your sister.

Picture 251: See the mist behind me? It was THAT COLD. I felt like I was in a huge freezer, and I kept waiting for the wind to blow away the clouds.

Picture 252: Father and stepmom.

Picture 253: Another one of those brother-sister shots. At least he's smiling properly in this one.

Picture 254: See??? It's like walking among clouds.

Picture 255: Alright, that's enough for tonight. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

SKC Dinner and Dance 2005

Blogging drought. I've been busy... I lead an activity-packed life. Really. Like, I went to Genting last weekend. When I should be studying for tests. Haha. Anyway, I'd better upload the SKC photos before i) they become stale; ii) people start coming after me with pitchforks. First part are pictures from my camera, then Wai's pictures, then Teef's pictures.

Go on, drool! (And if you want the number of any girl... just offer to buy me a new gi.)

Picture 226: Saizou looking pretty.

Picture 227: Our driver.

Picture 228: Stupid Root Plant and Lawyer in a Bollywood inspired outfit.

Picture 229: Either Enginger is taller than I remembered, or my heels aren't as high as I thought they were...

Picture 230: Another one of those vain shots.

Picture 231: Wai with Uncle WK and Fendy.

Picture 232: Twinny with the same two guys. What in the world are the two guys doing?!

Picture 233: This is like, some kind of papparazzi shot. I took the picture just as the flashes on the two other cameras went off, hence the result.

Picture 234: Fendy showing off his teeth. He probably really bites, but I have no intention of finding out.

Picture 235: Me and Wai, acting slutty. Again. As usual.

Picture 236: The old fogies...

Picture 237: The Eastie gang. East side is da best side!

Picture 238: Me and Saizou... Teef's camera is seriously cool. Professional and takes great pictures (yeah, it's a great camera when I look good).

Picture 239: My table! What's Fendy peering at? Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 16, 2005

Sneak preview

Yes, I know I must be like, the slowest person to upload the dinner and dance pictures onto my blog. Yes, and also people now know that the easiest/fastest way to see whatever pictures I've taken is to come straight to this url.

Sorry to disappoint, man, but it's been a busy week. I had a test on Monday (Ordinary Differential Equations, which I got back, and I failed, as usual), too sleepy on Tuesday, lousy driving on Wednesday, long Thursday, and potentially longer Friday. Then I'd be off to Genting for three days of wild fun (yeah, like you can have fun on a mountain top; how about I throw myself off it?). Unfortunately, I have heard that there might not be internet access on the highland, so... I'll be away from civilisation! Is there anything more frightening than that?!

I'm a girl who loves her technology.

And I will wear my blue gi with the hole if it makes everyone much happier and more comfortable. Because, like Yasashii-Man says, he doesn't want to see the kai fall apart because of interpersonal issues. So okay. I'm a good law-abiding, follow-by-the-rule-book person. After all, you know I am young and innocent and very much full of shit all the time. Would anyone like to donate a bottle of indigo blue dye?

Sneak preview!

Picture 225: All dolled up. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Supper pictures.

NUSKK concluded its annual general meeting on Thursday. We voted in our new committee, which I am part of. A record number of people went for supper, which is good, cos we finally get to talk to the juniors (some of them, at least). Saizou brought her cute little camera, so here are the pictures:

Picture 217: The girls at supper. Me, Saizou, Wai, and Leesar.

Picture 218: Me and Saizou! The claws are NOT OURS! Just as Saizou clicked on the shutter, Kimchi and Wai did that. Haha, comic effect.

Picture 219: Kimchi Meimei and me. I just realised that I'm wearing the same shirt from a few days ago, when we went to You Tiao Da Wang. -_- I have a very limited wardrobe.

Picture 220: The Couple.

Picture 221: Three of us again! I think I am prematurely balding. Like, what the hell?? I just got myself a new parting some more! *sob*

Picture 222: Scary me. Haha. Saizou took this picture of me from the back seat. She told me to act slutty. I don't know how to act slutty! I am young and innocent! *big wide eyes*

Picture 223: Wai and me... trying to act slutty together. I kinda like this picture... I mean, how often do you get to pose like that?! d=

Picture 224: Final picture. Posted by Picasa

Alright, I'm off to training, then for the SKC Dinner and Dance.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Supper at You Tiao Da Wang

On Friday night, some of the Kendo people met up at Geylang for supper. Yes, the normal kind of supper where you put normal food in your mouth. Basically it was organised by Saizou (kind of) and a last dinner kind of thing for Zach, our friend from Canada. I reached Lorong 9 first, cos Dux had to drive around and around looking for a parking place. I couldn't find the place for the longest time. What big sign?! Thankfully I managed to find the place (after some trial and error) and chope a nice big table for everyone.

Food wasn't very good, frankly. I guess the only 'good' thing was the you tiao. Oily Stick, as we described to Kimchi, who hasn't seen/eaten a you tiao before. She took one bite and said, "Oh my god, this is SO oily!" And then Saizou told her what 'you tiao' meant. So much for Kimchi's diet. d= We kept asking Zach to eat, and his eyes started to glaze over after a while. His excuse was that he had been eating all day.

After eating, we crossed the road and buggered two coffeeshops before finally settling on one to have a mini-drinking session. As I can't drink, I shared a little bit with Saizou (plus my mother would kill me if I came home smelling of alcohol). I can't recall what we talked about, actually. I only remember everyone exchanging racist and sexist jokes. -_- And also some annoyingly hard finger games. Things like, drawing a circle with your right hand and a square with your left hand. You know, really random and useless stuff like that.

Now you know what we do outside of Kendo.

Picture 213: Zach, caught in the act of drinking beer with ice. He claims that Singapore is the only place where he can drink beer with ice without getting laughed at. Oh well, he's halfway back to Canada now, and then he'd soon be on his way to Japan. Lucky guy... he gets to travel about. Byebye, Zach! Remember to send me a mini-shinai from Japan for my birthday! You are the nicest. =D

Picture 214: Saizou and Kimchi. They insist that they are girlfriends, and purposely pose in intimate positions to prove their point. I have so many pictures of them, I can make an album.

Picture 215: Dux, posing weirdly for the photo like he usually does, and Twinny, posing weirdly for this photo too. Don't worry, they are not drunk. Both of them have a very high level of tolerance for alcohol. Esp Twinny, since she goes drinking after kendo sessions when she was in Japan. Decadant Poteto!

Picture 216: Yasashii Man and me! You can see my new haircut in this picture. Not very obvious though. But now I have a fringe of sorts, and a new parting! All for a cheap price of $18 (Wash Cut Blow). Posted by Picasa