Monday, October 24, 2005

Birthday party on 22nd Oct

I attended the birthday party of a secondary school classmate on Saturday night. Like the party of another secondary school classmate which I attended, there was a theme. Birthday girl decided that the girls should all wear something flowery, while the guys can either follow the girls' 'dress code', or wear something stripy. Needless to say, as with the other one, only the people from my sec sch turned up dressed in accordance with the dress code. Don't say I didn't have flowers ah; look carefully at the bottom left corner of my shirt! Flower, okay!

So, one of the girls decided to surprise the birthday girl by having the girls to pin a flower in our hair. She bought a couple of stalks of orchids, which we went to one corner to quietly pin in our hair. See, if one person wears it, it may seem rather weird, but when everyone wears it... You aren't so unique after all. So that's why I dared to pin that flower in my hair, cos everyone else was doing it too.

I have a lot of pictures from that night, because I went trigger-happy. My camera had full batt, and everyone seemed to want to take lots of pictures, so I snapped away. I actually have 64 pictures. -_- That's the most I've ever taken at a birthday party. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though, perhaps because of the company, perhaps because these people have seen me in my nerd years. In fact, there are a couple of guys in the photos below who have known me for a decade. Yes, a whole decade, ladies and gentlemen... It still amazes me sometimes. Though I'm not close to them, but we can still get along whenever we meet, which is pretty damn good to me.

I do hope we can all get together again in the future, perhaps this time for wedding dinners.

Picture 271: Banban and Huiping. Banban kept posing whenever she saw a camera, so I have no candid shots of her; they are all posed, cos she's always ready!!!

Picture 272: Banban and me! Self-taken. There were two guys standing there, and they were quite amused that I could get such good shots. They said that I must have had a lot of practice taking pictures of myself.

Picture 273: My very wonderful secondary school good friend. Isn't she cute?! And she has no boyfriend yet, so... *winks*

Picture 274: One of my favourite pictures. =D

Picture 275: Birthday girl and me.

Picture 276: Flower power!

Picture 277: Freaky picture. Those two guys are the ones who were amused by my ability to take pictures of myself without any help. (Actually, I took this picture on the sly. I just wanted a picture of the two guys.)

Picture 278: That little girl in the pink dress is DAMN CUTE. I swear, she looks like a little Japanese kid. Of course, again I took this picture on the sly.

Picture 279: The girls of XMS 2E1'98. We all have flowers in our hair, just for the birthday girl!

Picture 280: The guys of XMS 4E1'00. I'm starting to forget who was in my class or not. But we all know each other. That's how small my sec sch is.

Picture 281: Don't worry, no one got burnt by the sparklers.

Picture 282: When I said I was trigger-happy, I really meant it. This is why you are looking at a picture which has fingers pointing at the banana in the chocolate cake (it was banana chocolate cake). The person who can guess which finger is mine will... uh... get it right.

Picture 283: Giving the birthday girl her present. Banban posing, AGAIN! I didn't realise she was there until the flash went off (was dark larh).

Picture 284: Me and the birthday girl with sparklers. Argh, hers went out. I just noticed it too. We were like, "Quick!! Go take picture!! Sparkler going to burn out!" So it was a mad rush of taking the sparklers, quickly taking pictures, and then passing it on to the next person.

Picture 285: Me and my flower.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Genting Trip (Part II) + Bruise

Here are some long overdue pictures from the Genting Trip, Day Two. My stepmom's younger brother came up with his wife and daughter. We spent a day walking about some place in Genting. I cannot recall the name now. Bah, all these foreign names, all so... foreign. Oh, I think I didn't mention that I had some kind of fried chicken called MerryBrown on the first day for dinner. It's like a pirated version of KFC. Apparently it never really hit off with Singaporeans, unlike KFC.

So anyway, my little cousin (by marriage) is a good little girl, mostly. Doesn't cry when mother leaves her for a long time (when the adults went to the casino to gamble). Could walk around with her for two or three hours and she'll behave. Not like my sister who insisted on being carried. What was GodSpeed's nick for her... ah, yes. Little midget. Thanks ah.

Picture 265: Melody and Sum Ying (I think that's how you spell her name...) My father insists that both of them look alike.

Picture 266: The kids... Bah, Melody isn't looking at the camera. So hard to keep them looking in one direction.

Picture 267: Take two. Argh. Now little Sum Ying isn't looking at the camera. Look at those shifty eyes!

Picture 268: Me at a merry-go-round. Okay, I know it's somewhat loser-ish to wear the NUSKK t-shirt overseas. -_-

That's about it for the Genting Trip. Next entry will have pictures from two birthday parties I went to in the last week. I need more than seven days a week to fit everything in. )=

Here are two pictures of a bruise courtesy of Twinny. Don't worry, it's somewhat fun to hear people gasp when they see it, though the pain is a bit on the =\ side, especially on the second day. Like I said, rather Twinny than anyone else.

Picture 269: Bruise from Twinny. She was going for a do and somehow missed it really really badly. So many people have asked me, "How do you get a bruise on the underside of your arm? So weird!" This was day three.

Picture 270: The same bruise, taken in good light, day six. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

36 Methods of Mathematical Proof

Saw this in Alex's blog. Haha. Enjoy!

Proof by obviousness
"The proof is so clear that it need not be mentioned."

Proof by general agreement
"All in favor? ..."

Proof by imagination
"Well, we'll pretend it's true ..."

Proof by convenience
"It would be very nice if it were true, so ..."

Proof by necessity
"It had better be true, or the entire structure of mathematics would crumble to the ground."

Proof by plausibility
"It sounds good, so it must be true."

Proof by intimidation
"Don't be stupid; of course it's true."

Proof by lack of sufficient time
"Because of the time constraint, I'll leave the proof to you."

Proof by postponement
"The proof for this is long and arduous, so it is given in the appendix."

Proof by accident
"Hey, what have we here?!"

Proof by insignificance
"Who really cares, anyway?"

Proof by mumbo-jumbo
" (B ?P ) , $ (C ?W )"

Proof by profanity
(example omitted)

Proof by definition
"We define it to be true."

Proof by tautology
"It's true because it's true."

Proof by plagiarism
"As we see on page 289 ......"

Proof by lost reference
"I know I saw it somewhere ......"

Proof by calculus
"This proof requires calculus, so we'll skip it."

Proof by terror
When intimidation fails ...

Proof by lack of interest
"Does anyone really want to see this?"

Proof by illegibility
"(scribble, scribble) QED"

Proof by logic
"If it is on the problem sheet, then it must be true!"

Proof by majority rule
Only to be used if general agreement is impossible

Proof by clever variable choice
"Let A be the number such that this proof works ..."

Proof by tessellation
"This proof is the same as the last."

Proof by divine word
"And the Lord said, 'Let it be true,' and it was true."

Proof by stubbornness
"I don't care what you say - it is true!"

Proof by simplification
"This proof reduces to the statement 1 + 1 = 2."

Proof by hasty generalization
"Well, it works for 17, so it works for all reals."

Proof by deception
"Now everyone turn their backs ..."

Proof by supplication
"Oh please, let it be true."

Proof by poor analogy
"Well, it's just like ..."

Proof by avoidance
Limit of proof by postponement as it approaches infinity.

Proof by design
If it's not true in today's math, invent a new system in which it is.

Proof by authority
"Well, Don Knuth says it's true, so it must be!"

Proof by intuition
"I just have this gut feeling ..."

Monday, October 17, 2005


Because Godspeed complained that he does not want to see any more pictures of my birthday presents. (Jealous!) But I've been too lazy to update too. I got totally and completely PWNED by my MA3249 Geometry: From Ancient To Modern lecturer. Felt so cheated by that question. When I get back my paper, I will post up the question and solution like the absolute geek I am. I even started chatting to one of my tutees about Euclid and Gauss. Somebody shoot me.

This appeared in my tracker:
13 Oct, Thu, 07:23:49 MSN Search: pictures of animated girls feet

=\ (I don't want to know.)

The last weird one was this:
18 Sep, Sun, 03:08:44 MSN Search: animated pictures of people mouths

And the first weird one that appeared was:
04 Sep, Sun, 07:27:10 MSN Search: animated old ladies

ODE test tmr! Or today, if you want to be picky. Time to whack second order differential equations.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

21st Birthday Presents

So I reached the mark a few days ago. Nothing spectacular, a simple dinner with two good pals, and then went home. Considering it was the week of midterms, I guess people weren't really in any kind of celebratory mood. In fact, there was a class outing on Friday, but turn-out was at a low this time round (only 8 people).

But anyway, here are the pictures of the presents I got this year:

Picture 256: A pretty box. And in the pretty box is a...

Picture 257: ...Necklace from Citigems. From my stepmom. It's mother-of-pearl, according to the sales guy. Took me a long time to finally settle on this piece.

Picture 258: Bracelet from Dream Diamonds. Uh, I don't know where that is. From my mother. Actually, if you look closely, you'd realise that it is broken. Yes, it broke a day after I got it. I was wearing it and then it just slipped from my wrist. It isn't my fault, I swear. Anyway, it's being repaired.

Picture 259: A sunflower from my Piggy Fren! It is the nicest bouquet I've ever received. Firstly, there are OTHER decorations other than baby's breath! Look at the little ball-like things. Look at the little fern-like leaves. All 100% natural.

Picture 260: Now, what could possibly be inside this sweet box?

Picture 261: A t-shirt! From Huiping and Jaslyn, my two secondary school friends. I've known them since I was 14! Okay, that's about 7 years, but well. I still have a pen that they gave me all the way in sec2. It's a Pilot G-2, I think. I nearly lost it a while back, and I was so upset. It's not the pen... it's the fact that I've had it for so long.

Picture 262: Creative headphones! Courtesy of Enginger. It's just headphones, and stop telling me that there are so many better brands out there. I don't give a damn about branded goods, okay?

Picture 263: Now, what could this possibly be?

Picture 264: The biggest ass present I have ever received. I introduce the Creative Zen, from the good people of NUSKK and VJC 01S16. However, I don't know exactly who are the ones who contributed, cos Enginger orchestrated the whole thing (actually I knew he got me this a whole month before my birthday; he's lousy at surprises that way). So unfortunately, I don't know exactly who are the people who contributed to this gift, so if I have not thanked you personally... please blame Enginger. Thanks. X= Posted by Picasa

And please, for the love of all that's good and pure, DO NOT TELL ME THAT MY ZEN IS A LOUSY PIECE OF SHIT because I will beat you up. I'm sick of people telling me that my Zen is ugly, that the Ipod looks so much better, that the Nano pwns my Zen. Well, I don't care. Keep your Apple comments to yourself, because I'd rather live in the delusion that my Zen is the best than to have you spoil my birthday present.

(The threat about beating you up... I mean it. And you know I can.)