Monday, October 17, 2005


Because Godspeed complained that he does not want to see any more pictures of my birthday presents. (Jealous!) But I've been too lazy to update too. I got totally and completely PWNED by my MA3249 Geometry: From Ancient To Modern lecturer. Felt so cheated by that question. When I get back my paper, I will post up the question and solution like the absolute geek I am. I even started chatting to one of my tutees about Euclid and Gauss. Somebody shoot me.

This appeared in my tracker:
13 Oct, Thu, 07:23:49 MSN Search: pictures of animated girls feet

=\ (I don't want to know.)

The last weird one was this:
18 Sep, Sun, 03:08:44 MSN Search: animated pictures of people mouths

And the first weird one that appeared was:
04 Sep, Sun, 07:27:10 MSN Search: animated old ladies

ODE test tmr! Or today, if you want to be picky. Time to whack second order differential equations.

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