Monday, October 24, 2005

Birthday party on 22nd Oct

I attended the birthday party of a secondary school classmate on Saturday night. Like the party of another secondary school classmate which I attended, there was a theme. Birthday girl decided that the girls should all wear something flowery, while the guys can either follow the girls' 'dress code', or wear something stripy. Needless to say, as with the other one, only the people from my sec sch turned up dressed in accordance with the dress code. Don't say I didn't have flowers ah; look carefully at the bottom left corner of my shirt! Flower, okay!

So, one of the girls decided to surprise the birthday girl by having the girls to pin a flower in our hair. She bought a couple of stalks of orchids, which we went to one corner to quietly pin in our hair. See, if one person wears it, it may seem rather weird, but when everyone wears it... You aren't so unique after all. So that's why I dared to pin that flower in my hair, cos everyone else was doing it too.

I have a lot of pictures from that night, because I went trigger-happy. My camera had full batt, and everyone seemed to want to take lots of pictures, so I snapped away. I actually have 64 pictures. -_- That's the most I've ever taken at a birthday party. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though, perhaps because of the company, perhaps because these people have seen me in my nerd years. In fact, there are a couple of guys in the photos below who have known me for a decade. Yes, a whole decade, ladies and gentlemen... It still amazes me sometimes. Though I'm not close to them, but we can still get along whenever we meet, which is pretty damn good to me.

I do hope we can all get together again in the future, perhaps this time for wedding dinners.

Picture 271: Banban and Huiping. Banban kept posing whenever she saw a camera, so I have no candid shots of her; they are all posed, cos she's always ready!!!

Picture 272: Banban and me! Self-taken. There were two guys standing there, and they were quite amused that I could get such good shots. They said that I must have had a lot of practice taking pictures of myself.

Picture 273: My very wonderful secondary school good friend. Isn't she cute?! And she has no boyfriend yet, so... *winks*

Picture 274: One of my favourite pictures. =D

Picture 275: Birthday girl and me.

Picture 276: Flower power!

Picture 277: Freaky picture. Those two guys are the ones who were amused by my ability to take pictures of myself without any help. (Actually, I took this picture on the sly. I just wanted a picture of the two guys.)

Picture 278: That little girl in the pink dress is DAMN CUTE. I swear, she looks like a little Japanese kid. Of course, again I took this picture on the sly.

Picture 279: The girls of XMS 2E1'98. We all have flowers in our hair, just for the birthday girl!

Picture 280: The guys of XMS 4E1'00. I'm starting to forget who was in my class or not. But we all know each other. That's how small my sec sch is.

Picture 281: Don't worry, no one got burnt by the sparklers.

Picture 282: When I said I was trigger-happy, I really meant it. This is why you are looking at a picture which has fingers pointing at the banana in the chocolate cake (it was banana chocolate cake). The person who can guess which finger is mine will... uh... get it right.

Picture 283: Giving the birthday girl her present. Banban posing, AGAIN! I didn't realise she was there until the flash went off (was dark larh).

Picture 284: Me and the birthday girl with sparklers. Argh, hers went out. I just noticed it too. We were like, "Quick!! Go take picture!! Sparkler going to burn out!" So it was a mad rush of taking the sparklers, quickly taking pictures, and then passing it on to the next person.

Picture 285: Me and my flower.  Posted by Picasa

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sleepy julia said...

haa, those two guys are my juniors fr AJCO..funny ppl. and yaaa, monica and yiling they all were fr AJCO as well! haa.

glad u enjoyed urself!