Sunday, October 23, 2005

Genting Trip (Part II) + Bruise

Here are some long overdue pictures from the Genting Trip, Day Two. My stepmom's younger brother came up with his wife and daughter. We spent a day walking about some place in Genting. I cannot recall the name now. Bah, all these foreign names, all so... foreign. Oh, I think I didn't mention that I had some kind of fried chicken called MerryBrown on the first day for dinner. It's like a pirated version of KFC. Apparently it never really hit off with Singaporeans, unlike KFC.

So anyway, my little cousin (by marriage) is a good little girl, mostly. Doesn't cry when mother leaves her for a long time (when the adults went to the casino to gamble). Could walk around with her for two or three hours and she'll behave. Not like my sister who insisted on being carried. What was GodSpeed's nick for her... ah, yes. Little midget. Thanks ah.

Picture 265: Melody and Sum Ying (I think that's how you spell her name...) My father insists that both of them look alike.

Picture 266: The kids... Bah, Melody isn't looking at the camera. So hard to keep them looking in one direction.

Picture 267: Take two. Argh. Now little Sum Ying isn't looking at the camera. Look at those shifty eyes!

Picture 268: Me at a merry-go-round. Okay, I know it's somewhat loser-ish to wear the NUSKK t-shirt overseas. -_-

That's about it for the Genting Trip. Next entry will have pictures from two birthday parties I went to in the last week. I need more than seven days a week to fit everything in. )=

Here are two pictures of a bruise courtesy of Twinny. Don't worry, it's somewhat fun to hear people gasp when they see it, though the pain is a bit on the =\ side, especially on the second day. Like I said, rather Twinny than anyone else.

Picture 269: Bruise from Twinny. She was going for a do and somehow missed it really really badly. So many people have asked me, "How do you get a bruise on the underside of your arm? So weird!" This was day three.

Picture 270: The same bruise, taken in good light, day six. Posted by Picasa


darren said...

hm.. melody's a pretty nice name =)

anw, y'know, while i'm not at all surprised that you took a picture of your bruise (i really wanted to take a picture of my cut too, and like, top the 'most disgusting wound' list, but i was in uniform -_-), i am slightly disturbed that you actually kept a running collection of photos by day..

Anonymous said...

thats a very nice bruise by kendo standards... even gy dun give me that...(if he does, i'll make sure i tsuki pass his men guard) haha, pain sia.

anyway, i NEVER call her little midget! I called her "my melody" and you are called "hello kitty" bwahahahaha.


heartw|sh* said...

godspeed:- hoi, you called her little midget!! i got proof! and wait till i next see you in training; i'll give you a kkgk you'll never forget. =D

darren:- no larh, not every day... heh, now that would be much too freaky.