Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day 2006

I actually intended to attend two tutorials, but my first tutorial ended quite late, so I didn't go for the other one, cos it was all the way at Science. I know, I know... I should pull my ears and kneel on durian shells. >.< Yesterday, I gave roses out to some people. I made these roses myself! I'll take a picture of one if I can, and put it up soon enough.

Today, I got a very very very very adorable Vday gift!!!

Picture 319: What could possibly be inside this?

Picture 320: How perplexing this sweet-like object is...

Picture 321: Peekaboo! Say hi to my new piggy plushie, Ashley. Actually, I'm just gonna call it Piggie. I've been craving this piggy and going nuts over it ever since I saw it at the toy shop place at the basement of PS. Now I finally have my hands on one! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

Picture 322: I draped the ribbon over it...

Picture 323: And then I tied the ribbon around its nose...

Picture 324: And also around its tail. Side profile! It's ROUND! It's completely ROUND! That's the charm of this piggy! It's ROUND!

Picture 325: It is also a really cool Piggie.

Picture 326: In your face!

Picture 327: Me and Piggie Ashley. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

Chinese New Year 2006

Nothing much in terms of angbao money... Ate two reunion dinners (though I cheated on the first one, cos the rice wasn't ready when we sat down for dinner, so I just ate some fishballs). Took a few pictures with my sister, and then stoned around at home for the rest of the first day. My brother came over after we had lunch at our father's place, and he was so bored that he took a nap.

Here's some pictures of me and my sister:

Picture 309: My sister, Melody. She's starting to grow out of her clothes. See that tummy peeking through!

Picture 310: Trying to take a picture with her.

Picture 311: First day of CNY. Her eyes are squinty because of the flash. She happily obliged the big sister taking pictures by sitting down next to me without much fuss.

Picture 312: Another picture of her. Does she look like me??? Haha.

On the third day of CNY, a few of us Kendo people gathered at Enginger's house for angbao collection and some mahjong. Turns out that most of them either couldn't play, or aren't very good at it. Saizou finally learnt how to play mahjong, like the tai tai that she's going to be. Precious had surprisingly luck with tiles; beginners' luck, I call it. All I did was sit next to her and guide her. Haha. But no matter how skilled I am *coughcough*, I could never influence how much luck she had. Godspeed came later, around 7pm, I think. The moment he stepped in, he whined, "I don't want to walk the brown one. It licked my face." In the end he went dog-walking with Little Unwashed Body and Lawyer. I don't see the fun in walking dogs! So much exercise. As Little Unwashed Body said today, "Exercise??? What a foreign word!"

In the end, we left Enginger's house pretty late to have dinner. My seafood platter was sub-par! Not enough rice. Lawyer was disgusted at her fish. Saizou didn't finish her fries (what's new?). Godspeed and Enginger shared some fancy combo that Godspeed came up with.

Picture 313: Remainds of dinner at Fish & Co.

Picture 314: Godspeed and Enginger, talking 'business'.

Picture 315: Little Unwashed Body, Lawyer, and Saizou!

Picture 316: The guys, Godspeed, Enginger (with another weird look as usual), and Yasashii Man.

Picture 317: Me, Little Unwashed Body and Lawyer. Flash too bright larh.

Picture 318: Only I can take nice, clear shots without flash! Posted by Picasa

Who else is opening house to visit this weekend?? Heh.