Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day 2006

I actually intended to attend two tutorials, but my first tutorial ended quite late, so I didn't go for the other one, cos it was all the way at Science. I know, I know... I should pull my ears and kneel on durian shells. >.< Yesterday, I gave roses out to some people. I made these roses myself! I'll take a picture of one if I can, and put it up soon enough.

Today, I got a very very very very adorable Vday gift!!!

Picture 319: What could possibly be inside this?

Picture 320: How perplexing this sweet-like object is...

Picture 321: Peekaboo! Say hi to my new piggy plushie, Ashley. Actually, I'm just gonna call it Piggie. I've been craving this piggy and going nuts over it ever since I saw it at the toy shop place at the basement of PS. Now I finally have my hands on one! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

Picture 322: I draped the ribbon over it...

Picture 323: And then I tied the ribbon around its nose...

Picture 324: And also around its tail. Side profile! It's ROUND! It's completely ROUND! That's the charm of this piggy! It's ROUND!

Picture 325: It is also a really cool Piggie.

Picture 326: In your face!

Picture 327: Me and Piggie Ashley. Posted by Picasa

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Hikoto said...

LOL soo cuttee!

And yea you can guess why I didn't go for Kendo on Wednesdays. I can't even carry bags on shoulders today. =/