Sunday, March 25, 2007

lousy male driver

I know, I know. People always say women are terrible drivers. I don't disagree, but I guess there are times when a male driver comes along and really makes you slam your body weight into the car horn.

So this is what happened: I was driving in lane, with a Right Turn Only lane on my right. The light turned green, so as I moved off, I suddenly noticed a car on my right side trying to overtake me. Okaaay. This car came from my blind spot, so luckily I usually don't (read: cannot) accelerate fast, so I let this Chevrolet overtake me. So this car is in front of me, speeding up considerably, leaving me in the dust. Haha. Just kidding. I travelled at a leisurely 60km/h and then I see this car at another junction ahead of me. It had its right signal on, but then I saw it trying to cut out. Since I was going to slow down anyway, I let it out. Then. Then then then. It turned right at the same junction as me. There were two turning lanes, so I was on the left one, while it took the inner one. There was this big IMM bus in front of me, so I was pretty slow. Then the IMM bus sped up, leaving a gap between us. As I was about to accelerate, this same bloody Chevrolet turned on its left signal, wanting to cut in. I tapped my horn, warning it that I'm travelling fast, so it better not cut in. Then I stopped accelerating, cos this car look like it was going to head into the expressway on the left. So this nice little weekend Chevrolet cut into my lane, and looked like it was heading into the expressway, so I sped up, and LO AND BEHOLD: IT SWERVED OUT OF THE FILTER LANE RIGHT BACK INTO MY LANE.

Let me just say that I horned it loud and long. I got horned by another car cos I was eating too much to my right. I was trying to avoid the damn Chevrolet, cos I had no idea whether it was still going to turn left at the next junction, or cut out into right lane. Like, what the hell, its left signal was still on, can or not. And then, just before we reached the traffic junction, it filtered to the right to make a U-turn. I caught a glimpse of the driver: MALE. LOOKING LIKE HE'S LOOKING FOR SOMETHING.

Hello, if you don't know the place, if you're searching for something, don't bloody drive in the right most lane. And for the love of god, drive SLOWLY. It won't kill you to drive at 50km/h. When I'm in a new place, or lost, I try to stick to the left most lane (the slow lane) so that I don't accidentally hog lanes or crash into something. After all my accidents, I'm quite careful now. I have no major accidents for three months!

Anyway, bloody weekend car. P-plate some more. I know, I know, I just took off my P-plate about 3.5 months ago, but I drive every single day, manual car some more, so don't come and tell me my driving skills suck. They are passable, at any rate.

I like to end off with this quote, though. It keeps things in perspective:

"The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above-average drivers." -Dave Barry

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i love my baobei

Even though I had work to do, I still went out with my beloved Baobei until 8plus. I picked her up from near my place, then headed down to Holland V's Coffee Club. Too bad I forgot to bring my camera... Baobei was dressed really nicely! AND in HEELS. =D The waiter at Coffee Club was very smiley and nice. I think because it's a slack weekday evening, so he can relax and chat away in the kitchen. Haha must be larh. Or maybe see Baobei too pretty liao.

We headed off to VivoCity after that. I bought a pair of heels on impulse again. Ugh. I wanted to spend less today, but apparently that's not possible. This pair of heels looks nice when worn with pants. Really looks nice! But a little pricey for U.R.S. Bleah. Next week I'm going to eat instant noodles for dinner. =\

Last evening, I was at VivoCity with Enginger, Uncle Brown Nut, and Godspeed. We had dinner at Marche. Oh, my pocket, I'm sorry for burning a hole in you... Then we wandered to Pet Safari to look at animals. I'm still fascinated by the little hamsters. Walking meatballs, as you once called them. Love those dwarf hamsters. Too bad I don't have a place to keep them. Then I wandered into the comic shop across, and the lady there tried to sell me the whole set of Deathnote manga. I already have it, so I'm not going to spend $55 on it. The only thing that caught my interest was Vol. 13, which is the How To Read volume. Ah well. I'm sure I can get it from someone.

Anyway, me and Baobei were eating dinner at Coffee Club, and we started to talk about JC days. Very soon, we realised how bloody childish we were, and started to laugh and laugh and laugh. But as adults now *ahem*, we stifled our laughter, but we laughed so hard that tears came to our eyes. I'm serious!!!!!! We laughed SO HARD. The waiters must think we're a couple of retards.

Things that we recalled:
-Class story, which Ju mentions once every few months.
-Those damn ugly Teletubbies stickers that Michelle Teo terrorised us with. I remember during lectures, we will try to sit far away from Michelle. If that fails, we make sure she doesn't sit behind us. HAHAHAA.
-How Michelle kept stealing the little labels from our bio lab (cos we label many test-tubes during practicals) until Miss Oon said, "How come no more already?"
-How Cher took a bus down to Parkway Parade and back to school before realising that Michelle had stuck an ugly Teletubby sticker on her back. SHE WAS WALKING AROUND PARKWAY WITH THAT STICKER ON HER.
-Roberty and Marie France. 'Nuff said.
-Laughing like a bunch of siao zha bors whenever Zhao appeared in our field of vision. Seriously, he should have been pretty flattered. I mean, which guy gets so much attention from four girls, consistently, every single day?! He even gets girls SMSing in the middle of lecture just to see him jerk awake when his hp vibrates.
-Also, how we laughed so much that Zhao called us 'the four siao zha bors'. I bet he's secretly flattered ba.
-How a particular councillor from Zhao's class would sit in the very first row in the LT just to stare at Miss Oon.
-How four of us will sit in the first row in tutorials and start laughing throughout the tutorial. Baobei said, "Supposed to be first row all the guai guai kind, but we sit front row and laugh! All the guai ones sit behind!"

Laughed till tears came to our eyes. Damn childish, larh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

pictures once again!

It is BLOODY HARD to upload photos now. I don't know what made Blogger/Google kill Bloggerbot. Who in their right mind will replace something that's convenient with something that's obviously NOT?!

Pic 358: This is the place we went to. Shin Kushiya @ VivoCity. (In case you haven't guessed from the name, it serves Japanese food.)

Pic 359: Our 'starter', I guess. Raw vegetables and some dip. It's like those dou jiang kind of dip? Know what I'm talking about? Nvm. Moving on!

Pic 360: First dish! It's fried sotong. Excuse me, fried cuttlefish. I don't know what's the difference between a sotong and a cuttlefish.

Pic 361: Sashimi! The sweet prawn was nice, the salmon was nice, the other piece of meat that's not tuna was also nice.

Pic 362: The grilled stuff that this place is apparently good for. The whitish one on the left is ika (now, is it sotong or cuttlefish?), and the one on the right is shiitake mushroom, asparagus wrapped in bacon (!), and some piece of meat. Probably beef. which is why I didn't eat it. Joke of the meal, "Is it okay if I use my chopsticks?"

Pic 363: Black pepper yakitori. Not too bad.

Pic 364: Bear's curry rice. What was it called, toru katsu. Aiyah whatever, CHICKEN CURRY RICE.

Pic 365: Piggy Fren's giant prawn rice thing.

Pic 363: Last but not least, my favourite meal: salmon don!

And I read your sms the other day. Don't know how to respond, so I didn't. But I guess you knew I wouldn't respond anyway. The feeling's mutual, honestly. I'd be heartless if I didn't.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

there's just some things we must live without

By its very nature, there's gonna be some sacrifices in every war. Sometimes you gotta figure out if you want to lose a battle and win the war, or win a battle and lose the war. I chose to win one battle, but I lost so much more. But I know there's no use crying over spilt milk because there are some things that I simply cannot change. I am not large enough (or significant enough, or charismatic enough, or ______ enough) to change the world. I think it's hard, too, to change something. So like the coward I was, and like the coward I still am, I chose to raise the white flag and quietly fade away without telling many people.

Sometimes in the quiet of the night, those moments before you fall asleep, you think of what was, and what could have been. Then you wonder why it came to this. And right before your eyes close and you drift off into blessed sleep, you see the answer: It's all like this because you chose it.

This afternoon this unknown number SMSed me, "Dear [my name], have you taken XXX module in NUS before?" My first thought was, hmm, could this be one of those online people whom I've met but deleted the number already? And of course, I replied. I mean, this stranger used my name! Well, to cut a long story short, this person realised that he/she got the wrong person. There's another girl with the same name as me in NUS, you see, and he thought I was that one he was looking for. How do I know the unknown person is a guy? Cos when I tried to call the number, the person didn't pick up. So Piggy Fren missed called him, and he called back, so I know it's a guy.

And why the heck would I want to call this stranger? Because this guy suddenly said he's a teacher and asked me how was my practicum school. So you'd either get freaked out, or really suspicious, right? Like, is one of my friends playing a prank on me? So well, this strange person did not pick up my call, and also refused to tell me his name, but just said that as a teacher he has ways and means of finding people. So I guess some idiot told him there's someone by my name in NIE and then gave him my number. If I find that idiot I'm going to skin him/her alive.

I am NOT that girl from ACJC. Get this clear!!! If you're looking for this girl from NUS, and from Sheares Hall, YOU'VE COME TO THE WRONG PLACE. GO LOOK FOR HER ON MOBLOG.

Sigh. I really hate it when people mistake me for her, because like some other people said, we're completely different people, and she's prettier.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not Ready To Make Nice

My friend introduced this song on her blog, and I got hooked. I can play this song on repeat for hours. Just a weird quirk of mine.

Forgive, sounds good.
Forget? I'm not sure I could.
They say time heals everything but I'm still waiting.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

bimbo moment

I did the most bimbotic thing yesterday: I rubbed my eye.

Nothing wrong with that, just that as I was happily rubbing my eye, I suddenly remembered, "SHIT! I have mascara on!!!" Too late. I already rubbed out the mascara, and had to borrow a mirror from a colleague to make sure I don't get spectacular dark eye rings. What a waste of good Estée Lauder mascara. So I went back to using my cheapo (read: free) Maybelline mascara today. Bimbo moment. We all have our bimbo moments.

I inherited (read: found) a whole bunch of eye shadow from my mother. It was hers, then she stopped putting on makeup, so now they're all mine. Muahahhaah. But the thing is, it makes no sense to put on much makeup in school. Like a nice prof who briefed us about practicum, "The classroom is quite warm, so your makeup will all melt." Excellent advice!

Gonna teach my first lesson soon. Argh argh. It's gonna be a mad mad rush! =D I spent half of the night dreaming about my girls not having their notes, because before I went to bed, I suddenly recalled that the girls have not received their notes yet, so was my CT's parting advice ("Must photocopy by today ah!") about my Activity ONLY or was it about the notes too? I stressed over it all night long, leading to me waking up 10 minutes later than usual (it's a lot of time to slack around or to drive slower if you think about it). When I finally met up with my CT, I realised my fears were unfounded: the notes have already been printed, but not distributed to the girls. -_-"

I FINALLY finished the tub of pineapple tarts that I brought to school. One tub down, many many more at home to go! =D Who wants new year goodies? I have so many at home, eat until June also cannot finish.

Back to lesson planning!!!