Wednesday, March 14, 2007

pictures once again!

It is BLOODY HARD to upload photos now. I don't know what made Blogger/Google kill Bloggerbot. Who in their right mind will replace something that's convenient with something that's obviously NOT?!

Pic 358: This is the place we went to. Shin Kushiya @ VivoCity. (In case you haven't guessed from the name, it serves Japanese food.)

Pic 359: Our 'starter', I guess. Raw vegetables and some dip. It's like those dou jiang kind of dip? Know what I'm talking about? Nvm. Moving on!

Pic 360: First dish! It's fried sotong. Excuse me, fried cuttlefish. I don't know what's the difference between a sotong and a cuttlefish.

Pic 361: Sashimi! The sweet prawn was nice, the salmon was nice, the other piece of meat that's not tuna was also nice.

Pic 362: The grilled stuff that this place is apparently good for. The whitish one on the left is ika (now, is it sotong or cuttlefish?), and the one on the right is shiitake mushroom, asparagus wrapped in bacon (!), and some piece of meat. Probably beef. which is why I didn't eat it. Joke of the meal, "Is it okay if I use my chopsticks?"

Pic 363: Black pepper yakitori. Not too bad.

Pic 364: Bear's curry rice. What was it called, toru katsu. Aiyah whatever, CHICKEN CURRY RICE.

Pic 365: Piggy Fren's giant prawn rice thing.

Pic 363: Last but not least, my favourite meal: salmon don!

And I read your sms the other day. Don't know how to respond, so I didn't. But I guess you knew I wouldn't respond anyway. The feeling's mutual, honestly. I'd be heartless if I didn't.

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