Tuesday, March 06, 2007

bimbo moment

I did the most bimbotic thing yesterday: I rubbed my eye.

Nothing wrong with that, just that as I was happily rubbing my eye, I suddenly remembered, "SHIT! I have mascara on!!!" Too late. I already rubbed out the mascara, and had to borrow a mirror from a colleague to make sure I don't get spectacular dark eye rings. What a waste of good Estée Lauder mascara. So I went back to using my cheapo (read: free) Maybelline mascara today. Bimbo moment. We all have our bimbo moments.

I inherited (read: found) a whole bunch of eye shadow from my mother. It was hers, then she stopped putting on makeup, so now they're all mine. Muahahhaah. But the thing is, it makes no sense to put on much makeup in school. Like a nice prof who briefed us about practicum, "The classroom is quite warm, so your makeup will all melt." Excellent advice!

Gonna teach my first lesson soon. Argh argh. It's gonna be a mad mad rush! =D I spent half of the night dreaming about my girls not having their notes, because before I went to bed, I suddenly recalled that the girls have not received their notes yet, so was my CT's parting advice ("Must photocopy by today ah!") about my Activity ONLY or was it about the notes too? I stressed over it all night long, leading to me waking up 10 minutes later than usual (it's a lot of time to slack around or to drive slower if you think about it). When I finally met up with my CT, I realised my fears were unfounded: the notes have already been printed, but not distributed to the girls. -_-"

I FINALLY finished the tub of pineapple tarts that I brought to school. One tub down, many many more at home to go! =D Who wants new year goodies? I have so many at home, eat until June also cannot finish.

Back to lesson planning!!!

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