Sunday, February 25, 2007

one more day

It starts tmr.


I'm not prepared! I have a Lam Peng Kuan textbook to finish before tmr! And a guidebook I got from my ex-tutee. I forgot to get my textbooks back from Bear!!! SHIT!

And I haven't duplicated the forms needed for tmr. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...


Actually I'm not all that nervous, just that I get the feeling I'm going to forget something important, or be late, or something equally devastating on my first day.

Recently, I've been watching this particular Japanese drama, Nodame Cantabile. Super good! Thanks to Saizou for getting me hooked. This is a thousand and one times better than Hana Kimi. Firstly, the male lead is just the kind of guy I like, and secondly, the female lead is CUTE, not overbearingly stupid like the character Ella plays. And best of all, it's about music! Though I don't know the names of half the pieces, lots of them are familiar. One of my long-term goals is to go back to learning the piano, but it can't be too long-term, cos I want to go back to my old teacher. I haven't contacted her since I stopped lessons in 2002. She kinda watched me grow up, really. I started learning from her when I was about 6? 7? and only stopped after not passing my ATCL(Recital) when I was 18.

I feel like making something else a regular activity besides Kendo. WORK???? Haha.

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