Sunday, November 26, 2006

a lot of stuff.

The next house I buy, I will set aside one room with plenty and plenty of bookcases/shelves. Because I realised that I have way, way, WAY too many books. Not just fiction books or textbooks, but Notes. Lots and lots of Notes. And Files filled with Notes. I am a pack rat; I keep all notes that I think are useful, which are usually too many. For example, I have all my JC Mathematics and Biology notes. I also have my Sec 1 through 4 E. Maths textbooks, and two copies of the A. Math textbook. I also have all my maths tuition notes from Sec 3 to JC2. I also have six semesters worth of NUS notes.

Well, now. I thought this bookshelf that I bought would be enough, but it isn't, sadly so. So! Next house I buy will have one room specially for all my books/notes.

While packing, I also realised something horrifying. I always thought that I have very little clothes, as in, not a whole lot. But today as I was packing, I realised that I actually have a lot of clothes. A Lot. )= So much for thinking I'm low maintainence. I have always firmly believed that I don't have anything wear most of the time. I shall stop buying so many tops. I just bought a new one from Espirit some more.

Okay it's time to do more packing whee!

Friday, November 17, 2006

*prods idlely*

Actually, there's nothing that I really want to write about. I know, I know... If you don't feel like blogging, then don't blog. But I feel a compulsion to fill in the empty space.

I like this section from one of mrbrown's latest podcast: *After passing under an ERP gentry* "Another dollar down the drain. Why you drive this way? Why you want to go to town? For what? In fact, why are you even driving? Petrol very cheap ah? Road tax cheap ah? Your car is father buy for you one ah?"

But I'll repeat what one of my classmates asked me the other day, "Have you ever regretted buying your car?" No. Absolutely, positively, definitely not. Public transport? Heheheheheheheheheheh. It's a phrase alien to me. Once you get a car, you'll never go back, I swear. The ERP. The season parking. The road tax. The carpark coupons. The annoyingly expensive shopping centre carparks. It is worth every. single. dollar.

Of course, I must learn to look after my car larh. I think I will take it to a carwash tmr. I have finally succumbed... I have no time and no energy to wash my car by hand anymore. Boohoo. And I got a lesson plan due on Monday.

(This is a completely inane entry, you should know what's best for you.)

Sometimes I wonder why people ask me, "Are you okay?" What do they want me to answer? Of course the answer is, "Yeah, I'm okay. Why leh?" What makes them think that I'll say anything else? Psschh. I'm fine. I'm okay. Like that lor. Can larh. So-so. Do you really wanna hear about every single detail of my mundane little life?

Also, I'm wondering who's the boliao person who's searching for me using Yahoo!'s search engine. C'mon, Yahoo! is of the past. People use Google Blog Search now. Keep up with the times, man! Anyway, I tested out the phrase on the search engine, and lo and behold, my blog url was the first url displayed. I don't understand it! I am so nice that I don't even use people's real names on my blog. Well, almost.

Yesterday I had lunch with Valedictorian, then I went to have lunch at NUS with Les (I have no nickname for you). Then I stoned in Central Library for a good three hours before throwing in the towel and going home for a shower. Twinny called me lazy when I refused to walk to my car and drive back to get my laptop. But my car was so far awaaaaaaay. *whines*

Oh, would you just look at that? I spent ten minutes typing this inane entry, and you just spent three minutes of your life (if you read fast) on absolutely nothing worthwhile. Yay, life!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

guess what???

Guess who's going to watch Phantom of the Opera next year???

I got these five seats the first time round, then for some inexplicable reason, my internet suddenly conked out on me. I was annoyed! I quickly connected, and tried to rebook, but I got lousy seats, so I tried again. This time I got a bunch of seats to the left, 17-22. I was thinking, mai hiam buay pai larh. So I proceeded to purchase those seats, and guess what! When SISTIC says DBS CREDIT card, they really mean CREDIT CARD HOLDERS. So I argh-ed and went back to re-do the booking.

And this must really be Fate, cos on my final try, I got back the exact same five seats the system allocated me the first time round! Is this Fate or is it Fate!!! In case you can't see the tiny words, these are Cat 1 tickets, meaning, just a notch below the VIP seats. Hell, I only get to go for these things once in a blue moon, might as well spend since I can right? However, now I have to get money back from Root Plant, Lawyer and Little Unwashed Body cos $810 is a damn siong amount to be suddenly gone from one's bank account. After all, I got a car to pay for.

The last person who's going is my beloved Precious. So! Five of us. Too bad, Godspeed... Don't be cheapo larh.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Actually, the main reason there is a lack of photos these days is because... I kinda lost interest in my camera. Cos it's old, and it's crappy, and I'm too lazy to charge the batteries. So it's either I get a new camera, or I make do with my current one. You know, I don't really spend a lot of money on stuff like that. The only money I spend recklessly on is Kurt Halsey's stuff. Go google him, I'm a little lazy to do a link. I just recklessly spent money on his new journal which I might not even use. But! Like Precious said, "Disposable income, disposable time." That was actually a response to my sudden, last minute question, "Eh, anyone wants to watch movie tmr?? (where tmr = friday)"

Actually, that's not quite true. I just spend when I want to, not like a certain Root Plant who compares his bank account balance to other people's and get miserable. The only bank account balance I compare with is my Past Bank Account Balance. Like that I'll always be happy. (=

I completely forgot that I had this window open. I shall stop blabbering and go to bed because I have to head out to Bukit Timah Hill tmr at the ungodly hour of 7.30am. )=

I miss having someone to talk to.