Tuesday, November 07, 2006

guess what???

Guess who's going to watch Phantom of the Opera next year???

I got these five seats the first time round, then for some inexplicable reason, my internet suddenly conked out on me. I was annoyed! I quickly connected, and tried to rebook, but I got lousy seats, so I tried again. This time I got a bunch of seats to the left, 17-22. I was thinking, mai hiam buay pai larh. So I proceeded to purchase those seats, and guess what! When SISTIC says DBS CREDIT card, they really mean CREDIT CARD HOLDERS. So I argh-ed and went back to re-do the booking.

And this must really be Fate, cos on my final try, I got back the exact same five seats the system allocated me the first time round! Is this Fate or is it Fate!!! In case you can't see the tiny words, these are Cat 1 tickets, meaning, just a notch below the VIP seats. Hell, I only get to go for these things once in a blue moon, might as well spend since I can right? However, now I have to get money back from Root Plant, Lawyer and Little Unwashed Body cos $810 is a damn siong amount to be suddenly gone from one's bank account. After all, I got a car to pay for.

The last person who's going is my beloved Precious. So! Five of us. Too bad, Godspeed... Don't be cheapo larh.


godspeed said...

Its not called cheapo, its called I'm poor... donations from "disposable" incomes are welcome.

Ryozan said...

didn't jio me.

Hikoto said...

You eman the booking engine don't let you choose seats? o.o They randomize it? =O What kind of pfft booking engine is that? o.o

boonleong said...

Let me be your shelter, let me be your light.