Sunday, December 21, 2008

handphones & relationships

Isn't this refreshing, two entries in a week!


After 8 months with my N81, I've exchanged it for an E66. If you know me, you'd know that I don't change phones easily. In fact, every phone that passes through my hands will be used for approximately two years. My first phone was the Nokia 3310, which lasted me throughout JC, until university, when I saw my Baobei using a very cute Nokia model (which number escaps me now). I asked my aunt to get it for me, and I used it for most of my uni days. Towards the end of uni, I got the flower phone (actually it's the Nokia 7630) because during my school experience, one of my colleagues was using it. It was very pretty, and I was sold.

Finally, around the beginning of this year, I started to look out for a new phone because the flower phone was coming to two years, held too many memories, plus I needed to upgrade/recontract anyway. One day I was at Great World City and walked into a Nokia store. I saw the N81, started playing around with the model, and... I fell in love. I was quite taken by it, and I decided, okay, that shall be my next phone.

But not everything was smooth sailing with the N81. Within the first week of our time together, it got cranky and my SMSes in my memory card were eaten up. Went to Nokia Care, told me they couldn't do a thing about it (why would they?), so I thought, it's okay, it's just a one-off incident. Fast forward a couple of months. One day in school, my phone ran out of batt/it hung/it SOMETHING-ed. When I switched it on, 300+ SMSes, not inclusive of the sent messages (btw, I'm a pack rat, I keep everything) were all gone. I'll be frank: I screamed in the staffroom. But there was nothing I could do about it. Off to Nokia Care for another futile trip. This time, they upgraded my software (of course, nothing was wrong with my phone).

So this time, I saved my SMSes in my phone memory instead. Twice bitten, thrice shy, you know. Then a couple of nights ago, I was transferring my SMSes over to my PC when the usual message popped up, "Memory full. Close some applications and try again." So I did. Normally, the phone starts up as usual, the stuff are all there, it's fine. Abnormally, the phone seemed to start up in factory mode. It seemed like my personalisations were gone. My first instinct was, "Oh, shit." Then when I checked, my songs and images from the gallery were all gone. Basically, the info on my memory card was wiped out. Again.

Time for another futile Nokia Care visit! I shall not describe it in detail because they say the same thing over and over again, "It's not our fault, it must be *insert random reason here*" It never is. Anyway, I sent it away for repair, and got it back with a software upgrade. Since I didn't want to deal with the N81's unpredictability anymore, I swapped phones with my mother, cos according to her, she under-utilises hers.

This phone fiasco is like a relationship. You find someone you really like. You do all sorts of things for this person. Yes, you do occasionally treat him badly (like drop it on the floor), but generally you really love the person. But there are issues of compatability; obviously there will be conflicts that cannot be fully resolved, there's always going to be a part of you that will remember the sad things and conflicts. Then finally, there's a huge conflict. While you still love him, you don't want to deal with the unpredictability and vague unease anymore, so you make a decision to remove him from your life.

You find someone new, someone who is much better in all aspects. You know he's a good man, someone you can rely on to make good memories with. You're impressed by what he can do. He's really quite something. But you can't quite form an attachment with him. There are some things that you find lacking in him, but since it's not critical, you shouldn't really make a huge fuss. Deep down, you miss your first love, the excitement of it all. The new person is just functional, someone you know will be good for you, but the love for him must be gathered rather than something you already possess.

"You'll quietly revise your definition of love and try to be happy."

friends with detriments

Sunday, December 14, 2008


KL was a good trip, a much needed break from work. Though, honestly speaking, work kept sneaking into my mind. In fact, by the time we were on our way back, work was already banging at doors in my head.

Hi, I am a workaholic. Nice to meet you!

I've learnt that once I completely relax myself, I'll end up falling sick. Case in point: had slight cold/flu thingie on the second day of the trip. =\ Went out with my beloved Wensy last night and this morning I couldn't even pull myself out of bed cos my throat hurt so badly and the room was spinning. How to drive when I can't even sit up in bed? So I ended up sleeping until 5.30pm.

All work and no play keeps me healthy.

I'm not sure how this will work out in the near future, considering how I'm going to hit a quarter of a century old next year. Bah! I still have many things I want to do before I can even consider finding someone and settling down before I'm 30. E.g. I want to do my Masters in Education. I've been calculating and making plans, and it's with some regret that I've decided to postpone my masters by a couple of years. I don't even know if I'm capable of it! But one can always hope.

Here are a couple of pictures I took on the trip:

Reliving our childhood days.

A shoe that I nearly bought. They didn't have my size. But oh, so pretty!

Nando's was one of the highlights of the trip, because it's something that Singapore doesn't have.

And it's gonna be back to the grind in exactly 2 weeks.

Pretty song that I found because I read part of the lyrics that someone posted:

Guster - Either Way
You were almost kind, you were almost true
Don't let me see that other side of you
You have learned in time that you must be cruel
I'll have to wait to get the best of you

Another nice song that I heard while blog-hopping:

Strangely though, my version of this song goes, "Four years later..." as opposed to this version's "Eight years later..." *shrugs*

Anyway, it's time for me to go to bed, again, even though I just crawled out of it seven hours ago.