Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mish mash

Just a few more pictures of Natsu Matsuri, courtesy of Wai. These were the pictures I were planning to put up when BloggerBot decided to go offline (for maintainence, I presume).

Picture 202: A pic of me getting corsetted by Teef, with Twinny Poteto adjusting my obi. Do you know how tight Teef tied it!!! But it's to prevent the yukata from falling off in the middle of the night. I finally realised how those European women in the past used to feel. All the pain for a fleeting moment of beauty.

Picture 203: All done! Was so hard to breathe sia, esp when Teef kept tugging it tighter and tighter. The price we pay...

Picture 204: Wai and me! Actually, our boobs aren't supposed to be so obvious. Have you ever seen Japanese women in yukatas? They are usually quite flat. If they have boobs, they'll actually pad up the front of the obi so that the obi and the chest is even. (Info courtesy of Twinny.) It's like how ancient Chinese people found small feet erotic, hence the bound feet.

Picture 205: One of my favourite pics of the night. It's my desktop wallpaper now. The colours complement each other. It helps that we are all such pretty ladies, too. I'm still waiting for the high quality pics from Teef's humongous camera.

The kai went out for lunch with Damian sensei last Saturday, to celebrate/congratulate him on getting his 6th Dan, after failing the last time he went back to Australia. I don't have many pictures that day though; not in a picture-taking mood. Food was good! Shared a seafood platter for two with a Stupid Root Plant. Twinny ordered a seafood platter for one, and after about ten minutes of eating, she hardly made a dent in it. Humongously large portions.

Picture 206: Damian sensei. Found out that day that he was one of the extra reptilian Jedi masters in Attack of the Clones (uh I hope I got that right).

My JC classmate, Momok Cheah (no, that's not her real name), held a farewell party on Sunday night. She is going off to UK on SEP (Student Exchange Programme) on Wednesay, and she'll be back around February. Since her birthday's in October, two of the guys snuck out and bought her a birthday cake. They insisted that they were leaving, so we said farewell. Then they called her and said that one of them forgot to take his wallet, so they are coming back. Wah lao, they smoked all of us lor! The frequency of trips to the bathroom also increased. That's cos Lufi hid the birthday/farewell card in newspapers and left it in the toilet with a pen. And Momok Cheah, being as blur as sotong as she is, never even noticed nor commented.

Aren't we all brilliant?

Picture 207: Happy (very early) 21st Birthday to Momok Cheah!

Picture 208: Momok Cheah, with a bad case of 'red eye'. I think she was making a wish or something.

Picture 209: KM, unleashing his true psychotic nature. The Swensen's people forgot to give them a knife, so we used Momok's kitchen knife.

Picture 210: When Momoks go back to their roots. Cher, how can you expect us to believe you are completely qing bai when there are pictures like that as evidence??

Picture 211: Degenerating back into a psycho, with Momok Cheah completely unaware (or is she happy that she has a knife pointing at her?).

Picture 212: Stop calling me a mahjong addict! You, you and you! I mo all of these tiles. Every. Single. One. With the exception of the 9 Bamboos, which SQ threw. I drew two 1 Wan which I threw away in sequence. This is called skill, okay! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 27, 2005


I had originally wanted to put up more pictures from Natsu Matsuri, those that I received from Wai. However! Bloggerbot is offline, and since I still rely on Hello! to post my photos... You'll have to wait for more pictures.

In other news, I got Cowboy-ed!!! o.O When Zhao smsed me at 2.37pm with "You got cowboyed", I thought he was kidding me. A little late for an April's Fool Joke, no? I thought it would be one of those small links, like what happened after bloggers con, but no, Zhao said it was an entry dedicated to my blog. I simply had to see it for myself, so I made my way to the computer cluster at Engin.

This is all going over my head. How exciting! Zhao keeps chanting: "Popular lor. Blog more! Remember me!" I didn't even know Zhao kept up with the Singapore blogosphere. Thanks, man. I'll remember you. In fact, I've already dedicated two paragraphs to you.

[See Pic 192] Nobody can resist a kimono grrl

Heartw|sh runs an interesting blog, full of photos describing the activities in her busy life. This blogger nice to look at, but if you make her angry - she will friggin kendo you. No shite, she’s got a trophy.

This is so flattering. Twinny was so excited too! So was my Baobei. Haha. Okay I'm going to start rambling very soon. This always happens when I blog while I'm on a high. To the nice people who popped over to look at my humble blog, Welcome! Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Natsu Matsuri

I went to Natsu Matsuri on Saturday evening, wearing a yukata for the first time in my entire life. I met up with Shasha earlier on in the afternoon to get the yukata from her, but I was late, and she was late, so I ended up having almost no time to get to Yio Chu Kang MRT to meet up with Twinny and Wai. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I called my father, and managed to arrange a ride to Seng Kang, where Teef lives. So in the end the family decided to go out for a walk to Compass Point cos my sister refused to take her afternoon nap. (By the way, she turned two on Friday, I'll put up pictures next time.)

Wai, Twinny and I met up at Teef's house for dressing, because I sure as hell can't put on a yukata myself. Neither can Wai, and Twinny has some trouble too. So in the end Teef dressed up all three of us before taking her bath and dressing herself. She wore hers so damn fast! I was amazed at the speed and the neatness of her obi. Then Twinny said, "Okay, here's the best part. I love to watch her put on makeup! So fast!" And the three of us gawked at Teef prettying herself in double quick time.

Took a cab down to Changi. Apparently Teef is such a regular customer that when she calls the cab, she doesn't even need to tell them her address. I didn't realise it until Twinny asked Teef, "But you didn't tell them your address. How do they know where to pick you up?" When you are working, you have the extra cash to take cabs so often that when you call them, you don't need to wait. =\ I also want to be a regular customer!

Met up with Godspeed and Yasashii-Man at the primary school. Heh, something amusing happened as I was getting into the cab. My hp started to ring and ring, and when I finally picked it up, Yasashii-Man had already put down. Then just as I called him back, Godspeed's number flashed on my hp. The best part was, the two of them reached there about the same time and called me at almost exactly the same instant, but they didn't know about each other's presence. Luckily, Godspeed was resourceful enough to call Wai when he couldn't get through to me.

Alright, enough chatter, here's some pictures from that night.

Picture 190: Poteto getting dressed by Teef. I haven't gotten the pictures of me getting dressed yet... so make do with those of a Poteto!

Picture 191: Wai getting dressed.

Picture 192: Me! In a yukata borrowed from Shasha. I got distracted by something just as Twinny took the picture.

Picture 193: Wai and me, carrying our fans and pretending to be pretty. Don't we look nice?

Picture 194: Godspeed and me. I interrupted him in the middle of his sausage-eating, that's why he looks so forlorn. d=

Picture 195: Me, an extra Poteto, and Yasashii-man. He posed so long for this picture because Godspeed kept insisting that the shadows of people walking by were being cast upon us. After about three false starts, Yasashii-Man exclaimed, "Just take the damn picture!!!"

Picture 196: The Poteto and me. One of my favourite pictures from the night.

Picture 197: Another one of us. This was taken at Teef's house before we left for the festival.

Picture 198: Yasashii-Man and Godspeed acting slutty. It took much persuading to get Godspeed to do that. Yasashii-Man gamely covered his face and looked at the camera coquettishly, but Godspeed simply refused even though he was the one who suggested it in the first place. But persistence pays!

Picture 199: People dancing about to the strains of music.

Picture 200: In case you haven't realised yet, I like taking pictures with my Twinny, especially when they are self-taken.

Picture 201: I almost had to man-handle them into taking this picture. Cos they wanted to go off, and I still wanted to take pictures. Haha. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

4th Nationals Tournament

Note of caution: very picture intensive! In fact, I took 112 photos today, and it all came up to 98MB. So after a long time of selecting pictures, here they are in their (blurry) glory.

Picture 166: The night before was cold and lonely. Had only three hours or so of sleep, because I got home late, and I believe that I should check my email (at the very least) every day.

Picture 167: Yasashii-man giving me a dirty look for disturbing his quiet breakfast of one filet-o-fish from MacDonald's. He upped and left as soon as I started taking pictures. Heh.

Picture 168: "Oh, why must you go?"

Picture 169: Captain, ZF and Enginger, all ready for their matches.

Picture 170: The girls sat around gossiping. See, their mouths can't close for even a second. X=

Picture 171: Dux: "Watch me stick my finger up my nose!" Poteto: "*yawn* He's done this so many times I can't be bothered to look any more."

Picture 172: Realised that I didn't speak to Godspeed much today. Eh, I want my Lost!!!

Picture 173: Enginger and ZF, right after hajime.

Picture 174: YK leaps in for the kill.

Picture 175: Poteto is Tengku Abdul Rahman.

Picture 176: The guys contemplating. I think they were watching YK's match. All that seriousness!

Picture 177: One of the few blurred and slow-action shots that I took that came out looking pretty okay. This is Saizou against Daphne Wong.

Picture 178: Saizou and the Poteto.

Picture 179: Saizou walks back from her match.

Picture 180: Poteto walking back from her match.

Picture 181: Applause for the good fight the players put up.

Picture 182: Yasashii-man moves and is blurry.

Picture 183: Poteto and me.

Picture 184: Uncle Brown Nut appears for a brief spell with puffed up cheeks like a chipmunk.

Picture 185: And he proceeds to act cute for photos. So old liao, act simi act! Haha.

Picture 186: When I ask other people to take pictures for me next time, I'll put auto-flash on. This is what happens when you take away the flash, and someone takes a picture with unsteady hands. ARGH!!!!

Picture 187: Me and Enginger with our trophies. Mine's for Junior Ladies 2nd runner up, and his is for Junior Men 2nd runner up.

Picture 188: The expected NUSKK group photo. It's blurry. Someone send me one that isn't!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 07, 2005

More random pictures.

I only remembered a day after I put up photos of Matric Fair that I do have pictures from the first day. Because it wasn't from my camera, I had promptly forgotten about them. These two pictures are taken with my friends' cameras.

Picture 162: Chinnie and me at the Kendo booth. Met her when I was 16 or 17, I think. Ahh such a long long time ago. She hasn't changed much! Still as skinny as ever, and very much still the little firecracker.

Picture 163: Ah Tay and Les, met them about five years ago (!) on IRC. Yeah, I met up with people I got to know online. I knew what I was doing, honest. I used to meet up with people I met online all the time. Then I grew up and stopped doing silly things like that.

Picture 164: My Baobei and me! JC class outing at Cafe Cartel on 30th July. Are you able to see the eyebags that both of us sport? That's cos we had a little camping trip at East Coast Park the night before. Might post the pictures up some time soon.

Picture 165: The people who turned up. Baobei put the camera on a ledge and thus managed to get a relatively nice timed photo without the dreaded Shaky Hands Syndrome. Have you realised how some people are completely inept at taking a picture? It's like, "Okay, one, two, THREE!" and just as the shutter clicks their hands jerk for some unknown reason. At least with digicams, not so heartpain. Imagine if you use an ordinary camera with the old-fashioned film. *heartpain*

Picture 166: Tio sabo!!! Haha. Even after four years we're all still so childish. Lewis pretends to look dulan but I bet he's secretly enjoying the attention. My Darling just wants us to get over with it. There are like, at least thirty photos of them posing, and at least three videos of them telling us not to be bo liao. Posted by Picasa