Sunday, August 07, 2005

More random pictures.

I only remembered a day after I put up photos of Matric Fair that I do have pictures from the first day. Because it wasn't from my camera, I had promptly forgotten about them. These two pictures are taken with my friends' cameras.

Picture 162: Chinnie and me at the Kendo booth. Met her when I was 16 or 17, I think. Ahh such a long long time ago. She hasn't changed much! Still as skinny as ever, and very much still the little firecracker.

Picture 163: Ah Tay and Les, met them about five years ago (!) on IRC. Yeah, I met up with people I got to know online. I knew what I was doing, honest. I used to meet up with people I met online all the time. Then I grew up and stopped doing silly things like that.

Picture 164: My Baobei and me! JC class outing at Cafe Cartel on 30th July. Are you able to see the eyebags that both of us sport? That's cos we had a little camping trip at East Coast Park the night before. Might post the pictures up some time soon.

Picture 165: The people who turned up. Baobei put the camera on a ledge and thus managed to get a relatively nice timed photo without the dreaded Shaky Hands Syndrome. Have you realised how some people are completely inept at taking a picture? It's like, "Okay, one, two, THREE!" and just as the shutter clicks their hands jerk for some unknown reason. At least with digicams, not so heartpain. Imagine if you use an ordinary camera with the old-fashioned film. *heartpain*

Picture 166: Tio sabo!!! Haha. Even after four years we're all still so childish. Lewis pretends to look dulan but I bet he's secretly enjoying the attention. My Darling just wants us to get over with it. There are like, at least thirty photos of them posing, and at least three videos of them telling us not to be bo liao. Posted by Picasa

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