Monday, August 22, 2005

Natsu Matsuri

I went to Natsu Matsuri on Saturday evening, wearing a yukata for the first time in my entire life. I met up with Shasha earlier on in the afternoon to get the yukata from her, but I was late, and she was late, so I ended up having almost no time to get to Yio Chu Kang MRT to meet up with Twinny and Wai. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I called my father, and managed to arrange a ride to Seng Kang, where Teef lives. So in the end the family decided to go out for a walk to Compass Point cos my sister refused to take her afternoon nap. (By the way, she turned two on Friday, I'll put up pictures next time.)

Wai, Twinny and I met up at Teef's house for dressing, because I sure as hell can't put on a yukata myself. Neither can Wai, and Twinny has some trouble too. So in the end Teef dressed up all three of us before taking her bath and dressing herself. She wore hers so damn fast! I was amazed at the speed and the neatness of her obi. Then Twinny said, "Okay, here's the best part. I love to watch her put on makeup! So fast!" And the three of us gawked at Teef prettying herself in double quick time.

Took a cab down to Changi. Apparently Teef is such a regular customer that when she calls the cab, she doesn't even need to tell them her address. I didn't realise it until Twinny asked Teef, "But you didn't tell them your address. How do they know where to pick you up?" When you are working, you have the extra cash to take cabs so often that when you call them, you don't need to wait. =\ I also want to be a regular customer!

Met up with Godspeed and Yasashii-Man at the primary school. Heh, something amusing happened as I was getting into the cab. My hp started to ring and ring, and when I finally picked it up, Yasashii-Man had already put down. Then just as I called him back, Godspeed's number flashed on my hp. The best part was, the two of them reached there about the same time and called me at almost exactly the same instant, but they didn't know about each other's presence. Luckily, Godspeed was resourceful enough to call Wai when he couldn't get through to me.

Alright, enough chatter, here's some pictures from that night.

Picture 190: Poteto getting dressed by Teef. I haven't gotten the pictures of me getting dressed yet... so make do with those of a Poteto!

Picture 191: Wai getting dressed.

Picture 192: Me! In a yukata borrowed from Shasha. I got distracted by something just as Twinny took the picture.

Picture 193: Wai and me, carrying our fans and pretending to be pretty. Don't we look nice?

Picture 194: Godspeed and me. I interrupted him in the middle of his sausage-eating, that's why he looks so forlorn. d=

Picture 195: Me, an extra Poteto, and Yasashii-man. He posed so long for this picture because Godspeed kept insisting that the shadows of people walking by were being cast upon us. After about three false starts, Yasashii-Man exclaimed, "Just take the damn picture!!!"

Picture 196: The Poteto and me. One of my favourite pictures from the night.

Picture 197: Another one of us. This was taken at Teef's house before we left for the festival.

Picture 198: Yasashii-Man and Godspeed acting slutty. It took much persuading to get Godspeed to do that. Yasashii-Man gamely covered his face and looked at the camera coquettishly, but Godspeed simply refused even though he was the one who suggested it in the first place. But persistence pays!

Picture 199: People dancing about to the strains of music.

Picture 200: In case you haven't realised yet, I like taking pictures with my Twinny, especially when they are self-taken.

Picture 201: I almost had to man-handle them into taking this picture. Cos they wanted to go off, and I still wanted to take pictures. Haha. Posted by Picasa


boonleong said...

so wat's the diff between a yukata and a kimono?

heartw|sh* said...

the yukata is the japanese summer cotton kimono. the way that the obi is tied and the material of the cloth is different. i think that's the basic difference.

Hikoto said...

Yep...and in fact, the Obi itself is very different, and of course much cheaper than the Obi used for the Kimono. For young girls who are allowed elaborate Obis, the prices can soar really high.

Hmm...and if I remember right, the Japanese also wears the Yukata to sleep.