Monday, August 15, 2005

4th Nationals Tournament

Note of caution: very picture intensive! In fact, I took 112 photos today, and it all came up to 98MB. So after a long time of selecting pictures, here they are in their (blurry) glory.

Picture 166: The night before was cold and lonely. Had only three hours or so of sleep, because I got home late, and I believe that I should check my email (at the very least) every day.

Picture 167: Yasashii-man giving me a dirty look for disturbing his quiet breakfast of one filet-o-fish from MacDonald's. He upped and left as soon as I started taking pictures. Heh.

Picture 168: "Oh, why must you go?"

Picture 169: Captain, ZF and Enginger, all ready for their matches.

Picture 170: The girls sat around gossiping. See, their mouths can't close for even a second. X=

Picture 171: Dux: "Watch me stick my finger up my nose!" Poteto: "*yawn* He's done this so many times I can't be bothered to look any more."

Picture 172: Realised that I didn't speak to Godspeed much today. Eh, I want my Lost!!!

Picture 173: Enginger and ZF, right after hajime.

Picture 174: YK leaps in for the kill.

Picture 175: Poteto is Tengku Abdul Rahman.

Picture 176: The guys contemplating. I think they were watching YK's match. All that seriousness!

Picture 177: One of the few blurred and slow-action shots that I took that came out looking pretty okay. This is Saizou against Daphne Wong.

Picture 178: Saizou and the Poteto.

Picture 179: Saizou walks back from her match.

Picture 180: Poteto walking back from her match.

Picture 181: Applause for the good fight the players put up.

Picture 182: Yasashii-man moves and is blurry.

Picture 183: Poteto and me.

Picture 184: Uncle Brown Nut appears for a brief spell with puffed up cheeks like a chipmunk.

Picture 185: And he proceeds to act cute for photos. So old liao, act simi act! Haha.

Picture 186: When I ask other people to take pictures for me next time, I'll put auto-flash on. This is what happens when you take away the flash, and someone takes a picture with unsteady hands. ARGH!!!!

Picture 187: Me and Enginger with our trophies. Mine's for Junior Ladies 2nd runner up, and his is for Junior Men 2nd runner up.

Picture 188: The expected NUSKK group photo. It's blurry. Someone send me one that isn't!!! Posted by Picasa

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tadaxp said...

ever since reading the comic "好小子" when i young, I'd always wanted to learn kendo ... *sigh* now old liao...