Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I just saw my tagboard, and GodSpeed is asking for me to update. Update simi! The last update was at the beginning of the month! But well, since I'm bored and have nothing better to do, might as well occupy my mind by putting up more pictures. Blogger/Hello is hosting them anyway. d=

Kai Outing on 21st Dec 04
(yes, I know it's still last year)

Picture 69: Meimei and Wai. My flash was too bright.

Picture 70: Zach (visitor from UBC), Zhenfeng and Yasashii-Man. One of my favourite pictures.

JC Class Outing (sort of) on Hari Raya Haji

Picture 71: VJC 01S16 guys. Not all of them, just a few.

Picture 72: My Baobei took this picture of me. Posted by Hello


Wednesday, January 12, 2005


All well, term has started. Modules that I'm taking this sem:

EL1101E - The Nature of Language
EN2113 - Reading Film and Cultural Texts
MA2202 - Algebra I
MA3110 - Analysis
MA3215 - 3-Dimensional Differential Geometry

As you can see, I'm going to kill myself by taking another Calculus module (MA3215). As the lecturer said, "It is not easy." It's like taking Advanced Calculus I all over again, but worse. Also, Analysis is taught by a visiting prof with the very odd name of Lian Bong Hor. While looking for his transparency marker today, he said, "I shall use a different colour... if only I can find my damn pen." Also: "Why the hell do we want to study Real Number systems? Anybody?"

Why are all the level 3000 maths modules are being taught from a textbook? This is the first time I have to buy textbooks, because everything taught will be "following the textbook very closely". There's always the option of selling them off next sem. d=

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Picture 66: NUSKK with Kato Sensei at Changi Airport, 1st Jan 2005 Posted by Hello

Byebye, Kato sensei... Hopefully, he'd be back in 10 months, like he promised. He's the first sensei I ever learnt Kendo from, and I'm extremely grateful for his patience with beginners. I'll miss his little letters that he gives out on special occasions. Also his "hohoho!" and "very goot!". Ah, heck, I'll miss Kendo without him.

More pictures!

Picture 67: Saizou, Meimei, Me, with Lambchops Leesar peeking over our heads.

Picture 68: Gathering outside the Departure Hall.