Sunday, June 24, 2007

loads of pictures, be happy!

Tmr's the first day of term, so I gotta blog before I lose all time to do so.

Decided on a last minute Sakae Sushi buffet during Thursday's supper. I turned to my Little Unwashed Body, "LUB! Do you want to eat Sakae buffet tmr???" Her face lit up and I knew I got my first victim. Then I asked around the table, and managed to confirm one more. We decided on Wheelock cos I thought it'd be easy for ZACH. The Dumpling kept asking, "Who's he??? I don't know who he is! I want to see him!"

I found a new place to park in Orchard! It's this little public carpark right next to Wheelock, very old-school, need to tear coupon. I managed to get a lot within 5 minutes of entering the carpark. Steady or not! I just have good parking lot karma. d=

The Dumpling was there super early, and got a huge table for us. For some reason, she seems really keen on collecting those plastic covers for the food.

Pic 419: The Dumpling with her little stack. It was kinda creepy when LUB took a plate off the conveyor belt, and even before setting it down on the table, the Dumpling snatched it away. The Dumpling is just... weird.

Pic 420: The Dumpling forgetting that the fried scallops are Very Hot. I made her pose for it, and she was trying very hard to keep it in her mouth. "Very hot!!! Ow!" You must suffer for art, my dear.

Pic 421: Look who dropped by!

Pic 422: My Little Unwashed Body, before her haircut.

Pic 423: No larh, he didn't eat all of the plates by himself. Though at 5pm, he went for a 'second round'. There are exactly 30 plates there!

In the end, ZACH didn't turn up, the bloody bastard pang seh us! He got too caught up catching up with other people, in the process breaking poor Dumpling's heart. Guess she'll never see him, huh.

Had a JC class outing last night to Hard Rock Cafe. I've only been there once, and only once. I remember having a hard time finishing my food, and back then, I could Eat. Now I just eat.

Anyway, it was basically a papparazzi session, where QueenMich will try her best to capture all sorts of scandalous pictures and sabo-ing everyone along the way. No one is spared from the viciousness!Most of my pictures turned out orange cos of the lighting, and I don't particularly like using flash. It makes people look washed-out. So anyway, here are the best of the lot:

Pic 424: My favourite picture of the night, and it wasn't even taken by me!

Pic 425: My seafood linguine. So-so.

Pic 426: My Darling and Lufi's dish. No, they didn't share, they just ordered the same thing. Mac and cheese with grilled chicken.

Pic 427: Cher attacking her food with great fervour.

Pic 428: The Doctor fiddling with his phone, and JLo digging into his food.

Pic 429: The three birthdays we were celebrating. The Doctor, the Cow, and my Darling.

Pic 430: The same three with their complimentary dessert. It was a little bit of ice cream and plenty of whipped cream. Plenty of it.

Pic 431: Taking a photo with Cow and Darling, with the intention of moving out of the frame. Obviously I didn't succeed in doing it for this one. d=

Pic 432: The Cow realised what I was doing. Haha. I have a few pictures of the exact same poses, and I kept trying to move away but unsuccessful every time. I move too slow!!!

Then, me and Cher started feeding each other the dessert. We took two pictures, but I'm too embarrassed to put them up here. Haha. Eh, students find my blog then how?

Pic 433: The polariod that the Hard Rock Cafe people took for the birthday people. Looks nice, doesn't it?

Pic 434: Four of us. The Monkey took this picture for us. For some reason, we just couldn't get a nice group photo. This is one of the better ones, taken at the Starbucks near the cafe.

Pic 435: Hehe I like how QueenMich is just looking saucily at the camera. Gotcha!

Pic 436: Final picture of the night, taken in some hotel's toilet. Mirror reflection! Which is why we all look kinda funny. It's strange how a reflected picture just doesn't quite seem like you, even though we look at ourselves in the mirror all the time. I guess for people with symmetrical faces and centre parts, it doesn't make much of a difference.

The Doctor talked to me and the Cow at one point during dinner, and the first thing I said to him was, "Hey! You speak with an accent!" The Cow disagreed, saying that Doctor has always been talking that way. Then I realised something. Throughout the entire time in VJ, I hardly spoke to the Doctor, or hear him speak. So... it was startling to hear him suddenly speak so much. But he's a doctor, or at least, going to graduate next year and be a trained doctor, so gotta practice his bedside manners, no?

First day of school tmr! Can't wait.

Monday, June 18, 2007

and so it is...

...just like the way it should be. (Damien Rice)

So! I have an aching jaw now cos I stupidly stood next to someone swinging a shinai. Four years in Kendo and I still make stupid mistakes like that?! I ought to get hit!

Went out for lunch after grading, and I brought the Dumpling on a roundabout way just to find cheap (read: free) parking. Paiseh! Ended up being the last ones at TM's Ajisen.

Pic 411: People to my right side of the table, all full and happily chatting away. They ended up throwing wadded pieces of tissue at each other. -_-"

Pic 412: My Little Unwashed Body came back from China with pressies! Okay, so the drum thing isn't mine, but I think this picture looks cute. I forgot to take a picture of my bendy zebra, and I'm too lazy to take out my camera, etc. so no pictures of my pressie!

Pic 413: The Dumpling strangely enthralled by the drum. It goes 'tok tok tok', and according to my LUB, Dumpling loves things that repeat. Slight case of autism, maybe?? Just kiddng!!! d=

Pic 414: My bad LUB smirking at the Dumpling, who has just woken up from her trance.

Pic 415: See that look??? You just know she is up to no good!! And guess what she did next!

Pic 416: MUAHAHAHHAHA, then Enginger is disturbed!

Pic 417: This picture here is mainly for black-mailing purposes. Watch out, Lightning Thunder Wind! I have the blessings of your zha bor to beat you up if you do anything wrong to her!

Pic 418: My right knee. All that pain and nothing to show for! This was a result of kata 7. I don't feel like going to youtube and find a link right now. You are all technologically advanced people, go find it yourself!

And in case you haven't been entertained enough for the better part of the entry (shame on you!), here's a cover of Damien Rice's Cannonball. I like this singer; her new album is not bad, lots of really nice songs, unlike her last one, which was too jazzy for my taste. Just listen to the song, the video is just bunch of images someone put together painstakingly.

and it's not hard to fall, when you float like a cannonball.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brother's Graduation

Today, my brother finally graduated from his poly. And I have a bunch of pics! My camera finally ran out of batt during the very last part of photo-taking. The reception wasn't very good. Very salty and very fried. The spread reminded me of all the tea-breaks that NIE saw fit to give us over the past week. I have enough of mini-sandwiches and fruit punch!!!

And what's a graduation ceremony without pictures?

Pic 405: The book filled with the names of the graduates.

Pic 406: The stage. It was kinda long, and I was seated to the left. Weird way of arranging the seats, I thought.

I got into the hall even without the invitation card haha. All I did was say, "Oh... The card is with my father..." And the usher just said, "Oh, would you like to go in first?" Hehe. There were plenty of seats anyway. The graduation was held school by school, and diploma by diploma, so there were only 217 graduates during the particular ceremony I attended.

Pic 407: Trying to pose nicely...

Pic 408: ...But this is more fun!!! My favourite picture of the day!!! I like how my brother is all like, "Geesh!"

Pic 409: Another pic that I like.

Pic 410: The happy graduate. All that's missing is the mortar. Don't worry, next time larh. Congratulations, bro! Glad you finally got your diploma. We're all proud of you!

I'm going to graduate again next month! Now, who's gonna come this time? All you little @#$%! pang seh me last time lor! Haha. Okay I'm going to go to bed soon, long day ahead.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The 200th post on this blog! Because I so sporadically update, I have only written 200 posts in three years. This isn't my only outlet. (=

FINALLY the long week has ended. One more day of hard training, and then it's back to talks, and Tuas Naval Base, and ITE Simei. And Boon's coming back! And then it's reporting to my new school. Sigh, other people already know what they're gonna teach, but I don't! It's annoying cos I really want to know what I'll be teaching so that I can prepare. =\

Anyway, since I got nothing much to talk about, other than the fact that I realise I need to know kata 6 and 7 for grading, and I don't know 7 AT ALL... I'm screwed larh. Maybe I shouldn't take grading. )=

Here are some links:

1/ The Perils of Indifference, by Elie Wiesel. You know, the guy who survived Auschwitz and wrote a lot of books about his experience. Actually, I was looking for the speech only for the part about indifference. I quote, "Of course, indifference can be tempting -- more than that, seductive. It is so much easier to look away from victims. It is so much easier to avoid such rude interruptions to our work, our dreams, our hopes. It is, after all, awkward, troublesome, to be involved in another person's pain and despair."

2/ Stay hungry. Stay Foolish. Commencement speech by Steve Jobs in 2005. I remember liking it a lot. I still like it. The newspapers carried a brief mention of it, and I went to search for the full speech. It's quite good to read, really.

Okay I should be going to bed soon.

And congrats on your licence.