Monday, June 18, 2007

and so it is...

...just like the way it should be. (Damien Rice)

So! I have an aching jaw now cos I stupidly stood next to someone swinging a shinai. Four years in Kendo and I still make stupid mistakes like that?! I ought to get hit!

Went out for lunch after grading, and I brought the Dumpling on a roundabout way just to find cheap (read: free) parking. Paiseh! Ended up being the last ones at TM's Ajisen.

Pic 411: People to my right side of the table, all full and happily chatting away. They ended up throwing wadded pieces of tissue at each other. -_-"

Pic 412: My Little Unwashed Body came back from China with pressies! Okay, so the drum thing isn't mine, but I think this picture looks cute. I forgot to take a picture of my bendy zebra, and I'm too lazy to take out my camera, etc. so no pictures of my pressie!

Pic 413: The Dumpling strangely enthralled by the drum. It goes 'tok tok tok', and according to my LUB, Dumpling loves things that repeat. Slight case of autism, maybe?? Just kiddng!!! d=

Pic 414: My bad LUB smirking at the Dumpling, who has just woken up from her trance.

Pic 415: See that look??? You just know she is up to no good!! And guess what she did next!

Pic 416: MUAHAHAHHAHA, then Enginger is disturbed!

Pic 417: This picture here is mainly for black-mailing purposes. Watch out, Lightning Thunder Wind! I have the blessings of your zha bor to beat you up if you do anything wrong to her!

Pic 418: My right knee. All that pain and nothing to show for! This was a result of kata 7. I don't feel like going to youtube and find a link right now. You are all technologically advanced people, go find it yourself!

And in case you haven't been entertained enough for the better part of the entry (shame on you!), here's a cover of Damien Rice's Cannonball. I like this singer; her new album is not bad, lots of really nice songs, unlike her last one, which was too jazzy for my taste. Just listen to the song, the video is just bunch of images someone put together painstakingly.

and it's not hard to fall, when you float like a cannonball.

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