Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brother's Graduation

Today, my brother finally graduated from his poly. And I have a bunch of pics! My camera finally ran out of batt during the very last part of photo-taking. The reception wasn't very good. Very salty and very fried. The spread reminded me of all the tea-breaks that NIE saw fit to give us over the past week. I have enough of mini-sandwiches and fruit punch!!!

And what's a graduation ceremony without pictures?

Pic 405: The book filled with the names of the graduates.

Pic 406: The stage. It was kinda long, and I was seated to the left. Weird way of arranging the seats, I thought.

I got into the hall even without the invitation card haha. All I did was say, "Oh... The card is with my father..." And the usher just said, "Oh, would you like to go in first?" Hehe. There were plenty of seats anyway. The graduation was held school by school, and diploma by diploma, so there were only 217 graduates during the particular ceremony I attended.

Pic 407: Trying to pose nicely...

Pic 408: ...But this is more fun!!! My favourite picture of the day!!! I like how my brother is all like, "Geesh!"

Pic 409: Another pic that I like.

Pic 410: The happy graduate. All that's missing is the mortar. Don't worry, next time larh. Congratulations, bro! Glad you finally got your diploma. We're all proud of you!

I'm going to graduate again next month! Now, who's gonna come this time? All you little @#$%! pang seh me last time lor! Haha. Okay I'm going to go to bed soon, long day ahead.

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