Friday, March 24, 2006


Someone has been searching for Casper on Google and Yahoo. Wonder why?

Thursday, March 23, 2006



I cut my hair! But it wasn't the same hairdresser I went to. You know when you go for a haircut... it's near impossible to stop the hairdresser from doing whatever they want? And I always feel really guilty asking them why they are cutting it that way, or asking them to cut a certain way, cos I know next to nothing about cutting hair. So even I get the shittiest haircut, I'll still say thank you, and then start fuming once I'm out of the shop.

I swore off $10 haircuts when the last one I went to couldn't even cut my hair. She "trimmed" it, if you could call it a trim. You know how hairdressers will like, pull at your hair, then cut off the uneven edges? Well, this particular one just placed her scissors at the end of my hair and cut. Like, WTF!!!! I was thinking, "When is she going to start trimming the uneven edges?" Turned out she didn't! And I was so dulan! And yet I said, "Thank you," and walked out of the shop. =
Then a few months ago, my Piggy Fren introduced me to her hairdresser, this man with really fast fingers. Since my attitude towards a haircut is, I Put Everything In Your Hands, he did the most magnificant job. I was raving about him for days after my first haircut from him. And the best part about his style is that even when my hair starts growing longer, it doesn't look bad at all, almost like you meant for it to be that way.

So today I went back to the same shop, and realised he wasn't there anymore. And too late, I was in the chair when I asked the lady about my hairdresser, so I couldn't run away. =\ Anyway, she started thinning my hair a lot, and I was getting a bit panicky, cos my hair will poof up when it's dry, or if it's a hot day. So I was crossing my fingers and hoping that she'd do a good job. Anyway, the long and short of it (haha) is that I got slightly shorter hair, and though not as nice as my previous hairdresser, I don't really care. Cos I'm going to go do hair treatment and other stuff with Piggy Fren in May (if she can find the hairdresser), so I'll cut it again then.

Meanwhile, though I'm not entirely satisfied with my hair, I'm just happy that I cut it. It's therapeutic.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pointless entry.

GEK1005 Essay = DONE! Much earlier than I expected, considering how I printed everything out, and drew out the family tree (oops I meant, Kinship Diagram) by 2am. It's a record! Next on the list to tackle: EN3242 proposal and MA3111 test. Garh. I'm injured all over! But training was good larh. Today too humji to do taitari with Fendy and Dong, so I just ran away. Haha. FENDY! OIOI!

That was another minute of your life gone and never to return. I'm getting a headache, so I'm going to sleep now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm bored, waiting for my Sims2 Nightlife to finish installing itself. Also, I'm using my mother's new Dell laptop, which is like, even more uber than my previous cranky desktop. I can play SIMS2 on the laptop, which is a plus point in itself. Who cares if it's big and bulky and has a weird screen resolution? For the first time, I can activate the Special Events camera in Sims2. I get to see those little videos that everyone was so intrigued with at the start.

I hope there's nothing wrong with the Nightlife CD... It has stopped at 57%, and doesn't seem to be continuing. But it hasn't hung. Yet. Choy! I forgot what happened the last time I installed it. I remember that it was pretty painless and quick, despite the horror stories Enginger tried to push on me. I bought the Christmas Holiday pack, but haven't installed it yet. Waiting for my backup to arrive sometime next week.

I'm not PLAYING Sims2. I'm just installing it first, since I have the time. I don't have enough patience to switch on my laptop, think about what I wanna write for my essay, which is due in two days. I also have no inclination to study for my MA3111 test, even though I really should, since I have not attended a single tutorial. And the install is still at 57%.

You know I'm rambling. The keyboard's pretty shiok to type on. Lala. Twenty more minutes, and I'm going out to pick up the car, then it's off to training. Wonder what fun things I'll learn today. Lala. Still 57%.

If you have read till here, congrats!! That's three minutes of your life that you will never get back! All on a friviolous entry! It's cruel to be kind, in the right measure...

(Still 57%.)

Edit: Yay, I finally got my NightLife installed. Went out to get the car, came back, decided that I have enough time to try again, and have finally installed it! Apparently at 57%, you are supposed to insert Disk 2. However, the first few times I tried, there was No Prompt. It's not because I'm stupid and bimbotic, but because there really isn't any prompt! But this time, the installation went so well, so smoothly. Everything's set up, and now all I have to do is wait for my saved games to come back to me.

Next on the list: Open for Business. Anyone knows where to get it?

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Today at training - when I say today, I usually mean the day until I go to sleep, so it may be 2am now, but I still mean Wednesday, not Thursday - today at training, Damian sensei asked us, "Do you believe in the Kendo fairy?" Who is the Kendo fairy? Well, if the Kendo fairy can magically level me up a few kyus and a few dans, then yeah, I believe in the Kendo fairy. I'll sleep with a few quality shinais under my pillow, and when I wake up in the morning and find them gone, that means the Kendo fairy has just levelled me up.

You know that previous paragraph is all crap, except for the "Do you believe in the Kendo fairy?" bit. Here's why he said it: If you only just hear/read the things that you're supposed to do, then you'll always be stuck at whatever level of Kendo you're at (unless, of course, you believe in the Kendo fairy). The point is, there is no easy way to improve yourself other than to actively change yourself during training. You have to consciously aim to improve rather than hope that some fairy dust will land on you. There is no point in nodding your head and going, "Hai!" whenever someone tells you something. You have to seek to change it, through practice. There is no other way.

Kendo philosophy only brings you so far. The perfect men cut only exists in your head if you don't practice. The ippon you think of scoring is only in your dreams if you don't train. You may think you're the fucking best kendoka EVAR if you know how to do all kinds of waza and all the kendo kata in your head. Well, that's the only place you'll be the best - In Your Head. So you can talk and talk about how to do the perfect rei, the most cheem waza you can think of, the rightest state of mind to do kendo in, but you'll never improve if you don't think of your own kendo and how you can change it.

"Do you believe in the Kendo fairy? I have been training for over twenty years, and I still haven't seen the Kendo fairy."

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some pictures

Picture 328: Kato sensei was back in Singapore the whole of last week. So excited! Was literally bouncing in my chair before I went for Wed's training. He actually remembered me! Took this picture with him after training, cos he wouldn't be staying til the end of NUSKK's training the next day. He's wearing the NUS t-shirt!

Victorian's Day on 4th March 2006. Pictures should be pretty self-explanatory.

Picture 329: The new (since I was a student there anyway) VJC "wall" right outside the (also new) admin office.

Picture 330: The student's council room has been converted to a student lounge, called the Igloo.

Picture 331: Another picture of the photos on the glass walls of the Igloo.

Picture 332: Pool tables and darts. There's also a room with a large TV for PS2.

Picture 333: Brand new tree-houses, three of them linked by precarious wooden bridges. I swear, going up is more scary than coming down.

Picture 334: View of the track where I spent countless P.E. lessons struggling through mock 2.4s. I spent half the time faking cramps to get out of P.E. too. Anyway, here's a view of the track from the treehouse.

Picture 335: My Baobei and me.

Picture 336: MichTeo and me.

Picture 337: Baobei and me with our year 2 Chemistry teacher, Roberty. Mich was off somewhere in the background doing mass dances.

Picture 338: Cher, Mich and me trying to do VJC. Obviously it didn't succeed.

Picture 339: VJC 01S16!

Picture 340: Taken at the end of the day, also something new that came up after I we left VJC.

Picture 341: Scandalous shot of the day! Posted by Picasa