Thursday, March 23, 2006



I cut my hair! But it wasn't the same hairdresser I went to. You know when you go for a haircut... it's near impossible to stop the hairdresser from doing whatever they want? And I always feel really guilty asking them why they are cutting it that way, or asking them to cut a certain way, cos I know next to nothing about cutting hair. So even I get the shittiest haircut, I'll still say thank you, and then start fuming once I'm out of the shop.

I swore off $10 haircuts when the last one I went to couldn't even cut my hair. She "trimmed" it, if you could call it a trim. You know how hairdressers will like, pull at your hair, then cut off the uneven edges? Well, this particular one just placed her scissors at the end of my hair and cut. Like, WTF!!!! I was thinking, "When is she going to start trimming the uneven edges?" Turned out she didn't! And I was so dulan! And yet I said, "Thank you," and walked out of the shop. =
Then a few months ago, my Piggy Fren introduced me to her hairdresser, this man with really fast fingers. Since my attitude towards a haircut is, I Put Everything In Your Hands, he did the most magnificant job. I was raving about him for days after my first haircut from him. And the best part about his style is that even when my hair starts growing longer, it doesn't look bad at all, almost like you meant for it to be that way.

So today I went back to the same shop, and realised he wasn't there anymore. And too late, I was in the chair when I asked the lady about my hairdresser, so I couldn't run away. =\ Anyway, she started thinning my hair a lot, and I was getting a bit panicky, cos my hair will poof up when it's dry, or if it's a hot day. So I was crossing my fingers and hoping that she'd do a good job. Anyway, the long and short of it (haha) is that I got slightly shorter hair, and though not as nice as my previous hairdresser, I don't really care. Cos I'm going to go do hair treatment and other stuff with Piggy Fren in May (if she can find the hairdresser), so I'll cut it again then.

Meanwhile, though I'm not entirely satisfied with my hair, I'm just happy that I cut it. It's therapeutic.


boonleong said...

Wesley will be so proud of you!

darren said...


bu yao zuo sha shi!!!

heartw|sh* said...

boon:- why? does wesley still have his... afro?

darren:- too late!

chungchung said...

Can see your new haircut this coming Monday. Oops .. should be Thursday!

Hehe :)

You pon lecture to cut hair huh?

heartw|sh* said...

alex:- hahah i will try to make it for lecture on monday! yah lor, i damn hard core leh, pon lecture to cut hair. haha.

boonleong said...

Not really.

In fact not at all, to the best of my knowledge.

I can send you photos of his haircut if you want me to!