Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I just found out something while I was looking at the movie timings for Madagascar at Cathay Cineleisure. Those BASTARDS! They increased the price of movie tickets such that they are now exactly the same as every other goddamned cinema on this island. And to think that I was joking to my friend, "See ah, only GV, Shaw and some other cinema operator have increased their prices. So those people who don't want to pay the extra dollar will wait till 19th May to book their tickets for Star Wars, since Cine doesn't have advanced booking. Sekali the day before Star Wars opens, they increased the prices, then ho seh liao."

Take a look here.

ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!! Cathay, you are a damn sneaky organisation.

Now it makes no difference if I watch movies at GV or at Cine. Hence, I shall go back to my favourite haunt, GV PS (don't ask me why, I just like that place better). All these cinema operators. *shakes fist*

And because I can't seem to sleep before 4am these days, even though I really should, I went to play around with Adobe Photoshop. Out of my extreme boredom and insomnia, I present to you:

Illyria, from the TV series ANGELPosted by Hello

I watched almost the entire Season 5 of ANGEL, until the WB Network decided to cancel it. I tell you, I was so disgusted. So I had no Buffy to watch, and then no Angel to watch. But it's okay now, because I've found another show to download. Desperate Housewives! Can't wait till the new season comes out.

Okay, I think I will go sleep now. It's coming to 4am.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


One of my friends recently mentioned that he sometimes wishes to be more active in the blogosphere. The way I see it, I am well-known enough on a little community that I write in, and that's better than being linked to a thousand and one blogs. Wouldn't I like to be browned someday? Sure I would. But I don't crave it. That's because I love whatever little privacy I have as a... blogger. Ooo I hate that term. When I first started writing online four years ago, I wrote; I didn't "blog".

Anyway, in order to be as well-known as the few Singaporean bloggers, Mr Brown, Xiaxue, Miyagi, Cowboy Caleb, Little Miss Drinkalot, just to name a few, you have to be willing to give up part of your life up to the public. Which is something I think my friend cannot do, considering how he keeps his blog really secret and really (well, almost) private. Therefore he will never be active in the blogosphere, because he is not prepared to be as straightforward and as open as the other bloggers.

Sometimes I entertain the thought. Then I surf a bit more before throwing away the idea. I don't want a whole damn list of blogs on my sidebar. I read enough blogs each day to keep me busy; those you see on your left are just a few out of the many I read. Besides, I think I have enough blogs to maintain as it is.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Series of pictures.

Now, what's a blog if you don't use it, right? And since this is mainly a blog for pictures... well, here's a bunch of pictures. Some of these pictures contain people I love most in this world. (= It's late at night, and I think I need sleep.

Picture 94: Coconut, Piggy Fren, and me, on Piggy Fren's birthday, also the day of my very first paper.

Picture 95: The girls of NUSKK, taken during Youth Tournament, held at NYP earlier this year.

Picture 96: Taken during Jaslyn's birthday party. These are my sec3 and 4 classmates.

Picture 97: My wonderful, wonderful JC friends... My Wensy Darling, and my Baobei.

Picture 98: Me, Saizou, and my Meimei. This picture was taken at about 11something at night, because Saizou managed to convince us to watch a midnight show. I can't remember the title of the show for the life of me, but I remember regretting spending $8.50 on that show. Ahh I think I remember now. It was The Wedding Date. Wah lao, all those deleted scenes. Make it M18 or something larh!

Picture 99: Welcome to the world outside my bedroom window... Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Class Chalet 2005

In case you were wondering where I disappeared off to over the weekend, I went for my Piggy Fren's 21st birthday party at Swissotel (ooo) and went for my JC class chalet the very next day. Happening sia! However, I have no pictures from the party (boohoo) because of all the things to forget, I forgot my CAMERA. ARGH. That was the THIRD birthday party this year that I've been to that I FORGOT MY CAMERA. @#$%! So I'll have to depend on my dear Piggy Fren for photos of that night.

However, I learn quickly from my mistakes, and I brought my camera to my JC class chalet. Hence, I have tons of photos (well, almost). This chalet was organised for the benefit of a Peabrain who returned to Singapore for a visit. A record number of people turned up! I didn't trust my camera to take nice shots, so I'm depending on my other classmates' cameras to show you a nice group photo of us. I think three-quarters of the class turned up. Exciting stuff, I tell you.

And I played mahjong all night long. X=

Picture 83: Mahjong!!!

Picture 84: The organiser, busy counting money.

Picture 85: My two favourite people, Baobei and Darling.

Picture 86: Flurry of activity at the BBQ pit.

Picture 87: Self-taken shot: Me and Darling.

Picture 88: Self-taken shot: Me and Momok Cheah.

Picture 89: Self-taken shot: Me and JillJill! Wah lao her face is so white. Must be she use SKII's Whitening Mask.

Picture 90: Scandalous shot! Tsk tsk. But since you can't seen their faces, you wouldn't know who they are.

Picture 91: Mong and Lewis, breakfast at MacDonald's in the morning. I think Lewis is staring at someone's chest. Don't quote me on this! I'm just postulating! d=

Picture 92: Self-taken shot: JU the Peabrain and me! She looks exactly the same, and she's still as skinny, the stupid woman. d=

Picture 93: Self-taken shot: ME ME ME. I am damn vain, man. Posted by Hello