Sunday, May 29, 2005


One of my friends recently mentioned that he sometimes wishes to be more active in the blogosphere. The way I see it, I am well-known enough on a little community that I write in, and that's better than being linked to a thousand and one blogs. Wouldn't I like to be browned someday? Sure I would. But I don't crave it. That's because I love whatever little privacy I have as a... blogger. Ooo I hate that term. When I first started writing online four years ago, I wrote; I didn't "blog".

Anyway, in order to be as well-known as the few Singaporean bloggers, Mr Brown, Xiaxue, Miyagi, Cowboy Caleb, Little Miss Drinkalot, just to name a few, you have to be willing to give up part of your life up to the public. Which is something I think my friend cannot do, considering how he keeps his blog really secret and really (well, almost) private. Therefore he will never be active in the blogosphere, because he is not prepared to be as straightforward and as open as the other bloggers.

Sometimes I entertain the thought. Then I surf a bit more before throwing away the idea. I don't want a whole damn list of blogs on my sidebar. I read enough blogs each day to keep me busy; those you see on your left are just a few out of the many I read. Besides, I think I have enough blogs to maintain as it is.


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