Sunday, May 15, 2005

Class Chalet 2005

In case you were wondering where I disappeared off to over the weekend, I went for my Piggy Fren's 21st birthday party at Swissotel (ooo) and went for my JC class chalet the very next day. Happening sia! However, I have no pictures from the party (boohoo) because of all the things to forget, I forgot my CAMERA. ARGH. That was the THIRD birthday party this year that I've been to that I FORGOT MY CAMERA. @#$%! So I'll have to depend on my dear Piggy Fren for photos of that night.

However, I learn quickly from my mistakes, and I brought my camera to my JC class chalet. Hence, I have tons of photos (well, almost). This chalet was organised for the benefit of a Peabrain who returned to Singapore for a visit. A record number of people turned up! I didn't trust my camera to take nice shots, so I'm depending on my other classmates' cameras to show you a nice group photo of us. I think three-quarters of the class turned up. Exciting stuff, I tell you.

And I played mahjong all night long. X=

Picture 83: Mahjong!!!

Picture 84: The organiser, busy counting money.

Picture 85: My two favourite people, Baobei and Darling.

Picture 86: Flurry of activity at the BBQ pit.

Picture 87: Self-taken shot: Me and Darling.

Picture 88: Self-taken shot: Me and Momok Cheah.

Picture 89: Self-taken shot: Me and JillJill! Wah lao her face is so white. Must be she use SKII's Whitening Mask.

Picture 90: Scandalous shot! Tsk tsk. But since you can't seen their faces, you wouldn't know who they are.

Picture 91: Mong and Lewis, breakfast at MacDonald's in the morning. I think Lewis is staring at someone's chest. Don't quote me on this! I'm just postulating! d=

Picture 92: Self-taken shot: JU the Peabrain and me! She looks exactly the same, and she's still as skinny, the stupid woman. d=

Picture 93: Self-taken shot: ME ME ME. I am damn vain, man. Posted by Hello

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