Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Series of pictures.

Now, what's a blog if you don't use it, right? And since this is mainly a blog for pictures... well, here's a bunch of pictures. Some of these pictures contain people I love most in this world. (= It's late at night, and I think I need sleep.

Picture 94: Coconut, Piggy Fren, and me, on Piggy Fren's birthday, also the day of my very first paper.

Picture 95: The girls of NUSKK, taken during Youth Tournament, held at NYP earlier this year.

Picture 96: Taken during Jaslyn's birthday party. These are my sec3 and 4 classmates.

Picture 97: My wonderful, wonderful JC friends... My Wensy Darling, and my Baobei.

Picture 98: Me, Saizou, and my Meimei. This picture was taken at about 11something at night, because Saizou managed to convince us to watch a midnight show. I can't remember the title of the show for the life of me, but I remember regretting spending $8.50 on that show. Ahh I think I remember now. It was The Wedding Date. Wah lao, all those deleted scenes. Make it M18 or something larh!

Picture 99: Welcome to the world outside my bedroom window... Posted by Hello

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