Saturday, December 03, 2011

New interface?

You don't write for more than a year, and Google/Blogger/YouTube starts changing everything to look exactly like Google+. This huge white space for writing is a little intimidating. What if people didn't have that much to say? And guess what, Chrome told me that "Youtube" should be spelt as "YouTube". And I'm not sure why "spelt" is incorrect?

The years pass by so fast, and everyone's going "Wow! It's December!". I knew the years were going to whiz by, so I'm not surprised it's December again. There are only three months in the year that I dislike, and they are April, September and December. April, because you're a third through the year, there are too many things to do, and the rest of the year looks like it's never going to happen. September, because it's memory month and growing older month, and wake me up when September ends, okay? December, because it marks the end of yet another disappointing year with no one to spend the holidays with, and there is no work to lose myself into.

And I am awake at the alarming hour of 1am because I slept too much during the day. Fat, and fatter I will grow, if all I do is cook lousy meals (read: instant noodles) and read books and fall asleep in the middle of them. Actually, I do have work to do, just that I've declared a personal, away-from-work holiday for these four days (yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after). Haven't left the house in two days, except to feed the cat and dinner last night with company that brought me home in 45 minutes.

Guess what, too many weddings to go to, once again. When will this horrible cycle end!! Weddings -> Baby showers -> Weddings -> ad nauseum. There's nothing like weddings to make you feel hyper-single. I've decided that I will not go for weddings unless there's someone I know.

I wonder who reads this, anyway?