Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Picture 21: My sister "standing".

Picture 21: My sister thinks she can stand. She's actually leaning against the table top, and then she forgets that she cannot support her own weight (yet). She likes my camera; always looking at me, especially when the flash is on. Posted by Hello

Picture 20: View of The Fullerton.

Picture 20: View of The Fullerton from the Esplanade. Scenery shot. I like this view a lot, especially if it's Christmas time, then there are many more twinkly lights. Posted by Hello

Picture 19: Me!

Picture 19: Me! Taken at the Esplanade, waterfront. Haven't been there in a while. Walked by the Padang and heard snatches of Linkin Park's concert. So many people were at the Parliament House and scattered around the area trying to catch a glimpse of them. Oh c'mon, buy a ticket! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 18, 2004

Picture 18: Smiley Brown Nut.

Picture 18: Smiley Brown Nut. Taken at grading on 13th June 2004. He will probably kill me for putting up this photo (is there any photo in which he doesn't look perverted?!?), but I'll take the risk anyway. Doesn't he look so much better than the rest of the photos so far? I mean, you can't compare it to when he's in full bogu, but I guess you win some and you lose some. Posted by Hello

Picture 17: Looking shocked.

Have a lack of Kendo pictures to put up lately, so I shall bombard you with more pictures of my sister! Okay, just one. This was taken when she was eight months old. She looks like that in all her eight-month-old pictures: the wide-eyed, round opened mouth look. Maybe when she's older, and this blog is still around, she'll kill me for putting up her baby photos online. But for now she's still too young to protest.

Picture 17: The most common expression my sister gives when she's having her photo taken. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pictures 14, 15, 16: My sister.

Half-sister, to be exact. Isn't she adorable? (=

Picture 14: My sister sitting in the sunshine with the toy I bought for her a while ago. Posted by Hello

Picture 15: She's sitting on my legs, staring at me taking a picture of her. Posted by Hello

Picture 16: Peekaboo! Here's looking at you! Posted by Hello


Below is a cute comic. I quite like it. Hehe. Describes a woman to a T.

Sherman's Lagoon. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Picture 13: Kimchi meimei and Brown Nut.

Picture 13: Kimchi meimei and Brown Nut. He's her new 'daddy'! He said it himself! *defends self* He looks frustrated, doesn't he, while Kimchi is as pretty as ever. Posted by Hello

Picture 12: Enginger and Yasashii man.

Picture 12: Enginger and Yasashii man without their men on. They look good, don't they? =D Posted by Hello

Monday, June 14, 2004


Remember a few photos down I was complaining about that Jack Neo movie? Well... it appears that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Chew has taken the words out of my mouth and made them into a cute cartoon! I love ChewOnIt.

Proving my point about the annoying trailer. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Picture 10: Three girls.

Picture 10: Three girls; Kimchi, Saizou, me! Right after grading, in full bogu. Posted by Hello

Picture 9: Three guys in full bogu.

Picture 9: Three guys in full bogu; Brown Nut, Enginger, Yasashii Man. BE AWED. BE INSPIRED. JOIN NUSKK. Posted by Hello

Picture 8: "Hold my hand!"

Picture 8: Kimchi mei mei says, "Hold my hand!" Taken at Clementi Macs after grading. Posted by Hello

Picture 7: VJC.

Picture 7: My JC flag. Isn't this a nice picture? =D Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 12, 2004


If I have to hear the trailer of that new Jack Neo movie, The Best Bet, while waiting for my train, I will throw a stone at the LCD screen. I don't blame Jack Neo et al for coming up with that @#$%! annoying trailer song. I blame SMRT. Yep. How would they like to hear it once every thirty seconds? YES. I HEARD IT TWELVE TIMES IN SIX MINUTES. Considering the trailer's about, let's say, fifteen to twenty seconds long? It's the ONLY advertisement SMRT deems worthy to be played over and over again. They took away the Linkin' Park one, so it's...


...all the time now. Sigh.

No photos... Tired.

Picture 6: My kendo meimei.

Picture 6: My kendo meimei. Pretty, right? Tee hee. Posted by Hello

Picture 5: MapleLeaf being all studious.

Picture 5: MapleLeaf being all studious during study time at Dome in April. Missing her lots!!! Posted by Hello

Picture 4: NUS Team A (Girls)

Picture 4: Leesar, Kimchi, Saizou, Harekki. Those with jackets are the team people. Kimchi just wants to experience a bit of the limelight. d= Posted by Hello

Picture 3: Darling, Me and Baobei.

Picture 3: Darling, Me and Baobei. My two sweetiepies. Taken at Marina Square on 30th May 2004 after Seoul Garden dinner. Posted by Hello

Picture 2: Me and a Poteto.

Picture 2: Me and a Poteto, before my shiai during Nationals on 30th May 2004. Posted by Hello

Wow, one of the few pictures I have of myself in full bogu.

Picture 1: This is me.

Picture 1: This is me. Posted by Hello

Woohoo. I got it up and working. FINALLY. Now. This is a fugly picture of me. On no account should you save it into your computer and then attempt to make a collage. HAH! Did I just give you ideas? Hot damn. d=

Friday, June 11, 2004


ARGH. I can't figure out how to get the photos up. This is highly annoying. And the worst part? HELLO only accepts pictures in JPEG format. Crap. Now I show the world all the little paint drawings that I made. Garh. Sometimes I hate technology. Suddenly I'm thinking of eating dimsum.


Testing this new thingie out. BLOGGER. I HAVE BLOGGER NOW. Garh. Now I'm subjected to being on search engines everytime I type something noteworthy, like, my name, KENDO *waves hi to people who strolled on in here by Google*, and other miscellaneous words.

Now... to figure out how to post pictures and other stuff like that.