Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm bored, waiting for my Sims2 Nightlife to finish installing itself. Also, I'm using my mother's new Dell laptop, which is like, even more uber than my previous cranky desktop. I can play SIMS2 on the laptop, which is a plus point in itself. Who cares if it's big and bulky and has a weird screen resolution? For the first time, I can activate the Special Events camera in Sims2. I get to see those little videos that everyone was so intrigued with at the start.

I hope there's nothing wrong with the Nightlife CD... It has stopped at 57%, and doesn't seem to be continuing. But it hasn't hung. Yet. Choy! I forgot what happened the last time I installed it. I remember that it was pretty painless and quick, despite the horror stories Enginger tried to push on me. I bought the Christmas Holiday pack, but haven't installed it yet. Waiting for my backup to arrive sometime next week.

I'm not PLAYING Sims2. I'm just installing it first, since I have the time. I don't have enough patience to switch on my laptop, think about what I wanna write for my essay, which is due in two days. I also have no inclination to study for my MA3111 test, even though I really should, since I have not attended a single tutorial. And the install is still at 57%.

You know I'm rambling. The keyboard's pretty shiok to type on. Lala. Twenty more minutes, and I'm going out to pick up the car, then it's off to training. Wonder what fun things I'll learn today. Lala. Still 57%.

If you have read till here, congrats!! That's three minutes of your life that you will never get back! All on a friviolous entry! It's cruel to be kind, in the right measure...

(Still 57%.)

Edit: Yay, I finally got my NightLife installed. Went out to get the car, came back, decided that I have enough time to try again, and have finally installed it! Apparently at 57%, you are supposed to insert Disk 2. However, the first few times I tried, there was No Prompt. It's not because I'm stupid and bimbotic, but because there really isn't any prompt! But this time, the installation went so well, so smoothly. Everything's set up, and now all I have to do is wait for my saved games to come back to me.

Next on the list: Open for Business. Anyone knows where to get it?


Hikoto said...

lol! I play the Sims 2, last time though. I found it quite boring after all. And guess the best part? Torturing them to death. xD Either set a fire or confine them to a really small space with gets hilarious!

Omg, I'm sadistic. =)

Anonymous said...

WOMAN! i saw the open for business at a shop at united square. heh...

==piggy fren

darren said...

*points at above note* and weirdly, i was at united square today =S

haha, installing it and saying that you're not going to play it is like self-denial at its finest. happy simming!