Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some pictures

Picture 328: Kato sensei was back in Singapore the whole of last week. So excited! Was literally bouncing in my chair before I went for Wed's training. He actually remembered me! Took this picture with him after training, cos he wouldn't be staying til the end of NUSKK's training the next day. He's wearing the NUS t-shirt!

Victorian's Day on 4th March 2006. Pictures should be pretty self-explanatory.

Picture 329: The new (since I was a student there anyway) VJC "wall" right outside the (also new) admin office.

Picture 330: The student's council room has been converted to a student lounge, called the Igloo.

Picture 331: Another picture of the photos on the glass walls of the Igloo.

Picture 332: Pool tables and darts. There's also a room with a large TV for PS2.

Picture 333: Brand new tree-houses, three of them linked by precarious wooden bridges. I swear, going up is more scary than coming down.

Picture 334: View of the track where I spent countless P.E. lessons struggling through mock 2.4s. I spent half the time faking cramps to get out of P.E. too. Anyway, here's a view of the track from the treehouse.

Picture 335: My Baobei and me.

Picture 336: MichTeo and me.

Picture 337: Baobei and me with our year 2 Chemistry teacher, Roberty. Mich was off somewhere in the background doing mass dances.

Picture 338: Cher, Mich and me trying to do VJC. Obviously it didn't succeed.

Picture 339: VJC 01S16!

Picture 340: Taken at the end of the day, also something new that came up after I we left VJC.

Picture 341: Scandalous shot of the day! Posted by Picasa

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boonleong said...

Igloo. Hmm. Interesting seeing eskimo pics in Singapore though :p

Should visit VJC (and Mr Thomas Teo) again.