Thursday, July 28, 2005

Matriculation Fair 2005

Yeah, I know it isn't over yet, but chances are I won't be manning the booth tmr, so here are some pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday. Cleverly forgot to bring a camera on Monday, so... too bad. I guess there really isn't much anyway.


Picture 144: Who's behind this security tag?

Picture 145: Who's behind this fan?

Picture 146: Mr. Lei revealed.

Picture 147: Wai: "Huh?" I guess it was too early in the morning to be taking shots of people.

Picture 148: Mr. Lei's cute samurai t-shirt. The back of the shirt has the word "BUSHIDO" in place of "SAMURAI".

Picture 149: Our Kendo booth this year. A little drab, as compared to...

Picture 150: ... Karate! Was next to us, and the guy in charge was pretty friendly. But even after three days, I don't know his name. -_- That's his stuff you're seeing in the pictures. He damn garang, spent the first night in school cos he was too lazy to bring everything back home and then to school again.

Picture 151: Our fake mannequin for this year.

Picture 152: Our beloved Publicity manager, who chao geng and came for the last hour of matric fair. He managed to get more people to leave their emails in the last ten minutes than we had in the last two hours. All hail!


Picture 153: Learning more about Karate from our friendly neighbour.

Picture 154: Enginger happily shaking up and down.

Picture 155: Trying to act all intellectual instead of promoting Kendo.

Picture 156: Uncle Brown Nut looking at Karate videos in awe.

Picture 157: Ah John of the Japanese Culture Society (I forgot the name of the club, I hope I got it right), who was unlucky enough to be captured on camera. Posted by Picasa

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