Thursday, July 21, 2005

My room (part of)

Picture 139: A cheapo puzzle that I bought a few weeks ago. I completed it, forgot to take a picture of the finished product, my mother changed the lightbulb in my room and accidentally stepped on it. So the pieces are now all inside the box, resting on top of my desktop.

Picture 140: A picture of my spanking new desk after my mother forced me to take away the old round table. Suffice to say, I was not happy about having to move my stuff with no prior mental preparation. But the deed was done, and I now have a rectangular desk. Just like everyone else. Welcome to conformity.

Picture 141: Closeup of the left side of the table. Here's my beautiful white laptop (now it has a Kurt Halsey picture stuck on it), and no, it is no Macintosh. Bunch of stationery at the corner, including the pencil case NUS saw fit to give me when I matriculated almost two years ago. A calendar from Sakae Sushi. A few textbooks that do not happen to fit on the overhanging shelves right above the desk. The shelf can't take the weight of the mighty heavy Calculus book anyway.

Picture 142: The right side of my long rectangular desk. Uh, you can see a bowl and a cup. I eat at my laptop, which is why I am finding ants on my laptop sometimes. If I'm not careful, I might end up like one of my ex-classmates, having to go to the comp centre and opening it up to find a nest of ants. Bunch of Christmas cards and photo albums. Used to be on the longer, lower shelf that you can see under the desk, but alas, the space is no more. Hence the messy side of the desk. My handphone and my purse on top of a bunch of letters that I should really put away. Far right lies my bed.

Picture 143: And this is my desktop, that died on me a few months ago. Finally installed Sims2 on it. That's what's on the screen, btw. I think I was building a house or something. It's a messy place. I am sorely tempted to reformat it, because I think my uncle didn't install some components. But I am a computer idiot, so I'll need help. I think I'll do this during the midterm break, which is about two months away. Set realistic goals for yourself! Just like how I set realistic new year resolutions. Posted by Picasa


Zhe Bin said...

i think the NUS Kendo logo is, really.

tadaxp said...

your white laptop looks like ASUS brand...but could also be a Toshiba... but since you are in NUS, then I dun think there's a student scheme for ASUS, so it has to be Toshiba, does not look like Fujitsu...hehehe

heartw|sh* said...

tadaxp -> haha you're right. it's a Toshiba. it was a new model last year, and it looked quite pretty. so i bought it! about $2700.