Friday, November 17, 2006

*prods idlely*

Actually, there's nothing that I really want to write about. I know, I know... If you don't feel like blogging, then don't blog. But I feel a compulsion to fill in the empty space.

I like this section from one of mrbrown's latest podcast: *After passing under an ERP gentry* "Another dollar down the drain. Why you drive this way? Why you want to go to town? For what? In fact, why are you even driving? Petrol very cheap ah? Road tax cheap ah? Your car is father buy for you one ah?"

But I'll repeat what one of my classmates asked me the other day, "Have you ever regretted buying your car?" No. Absolutely, positively, definitely not. Public transport? Heheheheheheheheheheh. It's a phrase alien to me. Once you get a car, you'll never go back, I swear. The ERP. The season parking. The road tax. The carpark coupons. The annoyingly expensive shopping centre carparks. It is worth every. single. dollar.

Of course, I must learn to look after my car larh. I think I will take it to a carwash tmr. I have finally succumbed... I have no time and no energy to wash my car by hand anymore. Boohoo. And I got a lesson plan due on Monday.

(This is a completely inane entry, you should know what's best for you.)

Sometimes I wonder why people ask me, "Are you okay?" What do they want me to answer? Of course the answer is, "Yeah, I'm okay. Why leh?" What makes them think that I'll say anything else? Psschh. I'm fine. I'm okay. Like that lor. Can larh. So-so. Do you really wanna hear about every single detail of my mundane little life?

Also, I'm wondering who's the boliao person who's searching for me using Yahoo!'s search engine. C'mon, Yahoo! is of the past. People use Google Blog Search now. Keep up with the times, man! Anyway, I tested out the phrase on the search engine, and lo and behold, my blog url was the first url displayed. I don't understand it! I am so nice that I don't even use people's real names on my blog. Well, almost.

Yesterday I had lunch with Valedictorian, then I went to have lunch at NUS with Les (I have no nickname for you). Then I stoned in Central Library for a good three hours before throwing in the towel and going home for a shower. Twinny called me lazy when I refused to walk to my car and drive back to get my laptop. But my car was so far awaaaaaaay. *whines*

Oh, would you just look at that? I spent ten minutes typing this inane entry, and you just spent three minutes of your life (if you read fast) on absolutely nothing worthwhile. Yay, life!


boonleong said...

Every minute spent memorising the SBS guide is worth it too. Wanna know the fastest way from Kranji to Ulu Pandan? No problem!

Kevin said...


Hikoto said...

I lookforward to learning driving this dec 6. : D

heartw|sh* said...

boon:- with a car... there's no need for bus guides... ever!!

hikoto:- haha that's when my P-plate finally comes off for good.

les said...

heartw|sh.. has it been more than 6 years already?! I still remember you were taking 'O' levels then. ;P

wenlin said...

haha, 'are you okay' is like one of the worst conversation starters i know... because ill be obliged to say 'yes' even if im really not...

and usually conversations that start like that go no where and just die off prematurely... *smile*

well. haha.