Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i love my baobei

Even though I had work to do, I still went out with my beloved Baobei until 8plus. I picked her up from near my place, then headed down to Holland V's Coffee Club. Too bad I forgot to bring my camera... Baobei was dressed really nicely! AND in HEELS. =D The waiter at Coffee Club was very smiley and nice. I think because it's a slack weekday evening, so he can relax and chat away in the kitchen. Haha must be larh. Or maybe see Baobei too pretty liao.

We headed off to VivoCity after that. I bought a pair of heels on impulse again. Ugh. I wanted to spend less today, but apparently that's not possible. This pair of heels looks nice when worn with pants. Really looks nice! But a little pricey for U.R.S. Bleah. Next week I'm going to eat instant noodles for dinner. =\

Last evening, I was at VivoCity with Enginger, Uncle Brown Nut, and Godspeed. We had dinner at Marche. Oh, my pocket, I'm sorry for burning a hole in you... Then we wandered to Pet Safari to look at animals. I'm still fascinated by the little hamsters. Walking meatballs, as you once called them. Love those dwarf hamsters. Too bad I don't have a place to keep them. Then I wandered into the comic shop across, and the lady there tried to sell me the whole set of Deathnote manga. I already have it, so I'm not going to spend $55 on it. The only thing that caught my interest was Vol. 13, which is the How To Read volume. Ah well. I'm sure I can get it from someone.

Anyway, me and Baobei were eating dinner at Coffee Club, and we started to talk about JC days. Very soon, we realised how bloody childish we were, and started to laugh and laugh and laugh. But as adults now *ahem*, we stifled our laughter, but we laughed so hard that tears came to our eyes. I'm serious!!!!!! We laughed SO HARD. The waiters must think we're a couple of retards.

Things that we recalled:
-Class story, which Ju mentions once every few months.
-Those damn ugly Teletubbies stickers that Michelle Teo terrorised us with. I remember during lectures, we will try to sit far away from Michelle. If that fails, we make sure she doesn't sit behind us. HAHAHAA.
-How Michelle kept stealing the little labels from our bio lab (cos we label many test-tubes during practicals) until Miss Oon said, "How come no more already?"
-How Cher took a bus down to Parkway Parade and back to school before realising that Michelle had stuck an ugly Teletubby sticker on her back. SHE WAS WALKING AROUND PARKWAY WITH THAT STICKER ON HER.
-Roberty and Marie France. 'Nuff said.
-Laughing like a bunch of siao zha bors whenever Zhao appeared in our field of vision. Seriously, he should have been pretty flattered. I mean, which guy gets so much attention from four girls, consistently, every single day?! He even gets girls SMSing in the middle of lecture just to see him jerk awake when his hp vibrates.
-Also, how we laughed so much that Zhao called us 'the four siao zha bors'. I bet he's secretly flattered ba.
-How a particular councillor from Zhao's class would sit in the very first row in the LT just to stare at Miss Oon.
-How four of us will sit in the first row in tutorials and start laughing throughout the tutorial. Baobei said, "Supposed to be first row all the guai guai kind, but we sit front row and laugh! All the guai ones sit behind!"

Laughed till tears came to our eyes. Damn childish, larh.


jules said...

that's because the damn thing turns up unexpectedly every few months! in some odd place too, when I'm not looking for it. LOL. those were the days.

wenlin said...

i cant drive, but i hold immense respect for female drivers.

its all about not depending on some rich boyfriend with a car to
chauffeur you around.