Sunday, October 02, 2005

21st Birthday Presents

So I reached the mark a few days ago. Nothing spectacular, a simple dinner with two good pals, and then went home. Considering it was the week of midterms, I guess people weren't really in any kind of celebratory mood. In fact, there was a class outing on Friday, but turn-out was at a low this time round (only 8 people).

But anyway, here are the pictures of the presents I got this year:

Picture 256: A pretty box. And in the pretty box is a...

Picture 257: ...Necklace from Citigems. From my stepmom. It's mother-of-pearl, according to the sales guy. Took me a long time to finally settle on this piece.

Picture 258: Bracelet from Dream Diamonds. Uh, I don't know where that is. From my mother. Actually, if you look closely, you'd realise that it is broken. Yes, it broke a day after I got it. I was wearing it and then it just slipped from my wrist. It isn't my fault, I swear. Anyway, it's being repaired.

Picture 259: A sunflower from my Piggy Fren! It is the nicest bouquet I've ever received. Firstly, there are OTHER decorations other than baby's breath! Look at the little ball-like things. Look at the little fern-like leaves. All 100% natural.

Picture 260: Now, what could possibly be inside this sweet box?

Picture 261: A t-shirt! From Huiping and Jaslyn, my two secondary school friends. I've known them since I was 14! Okay, that's about 7 years, but well. I still have a pen that they gave me all the way in sec2. It's a Pilot G-2, I think. I nearly lost it a while back, and I was so upset. It's not the pen... it's the fact that I've had it for so long.

Picture 262: Creative headphones! Courtesy of Enginger. It's just headphones, and stop telling me that there are so many better brands out there. I don't give a damn about branded goods, okay?

Picture 263: Now, what could this possibly be?

Picture 264: The biggest ass present I have ever received. I introduce the Creative Zen, from the good people of NUSKK and VJC 01S16. However, I don't know exactly who are the ones who contributed, cos Enginger orchestrated the whole thing (actually I knew he got me this a whole month before my birthday; he's lousy at surprises that way). So unfortunately, I don't know exactly who are the people who contributed to this gift, so if I have not thanked you personally... please blame Enginger. Thanks. X= Posted by Picasa

And please, for the love of all that's good and pure, DO NOT TELL ME THAT MY ZEN IS A LOUSY PIECE OF SHIT because I will beat you up. I'm sick of people telling me that my Zen is ugly, that the Ipod looks so much better, that the Nano pwns my Zen. Well, I don't care. Keep your Apple comments to yourself, because I'd rather live in the delusion that my Zen is the best than to have you spoil my birthday present.

(The threat about beating you up... I mean it. And you know I can.)


tadaxp said...

WOW! a ZEN for your birthday, eh!? ...

Well, iPOD is now so popular, there's no longer the WOW! factor; so, yeah, at the end of the day, it's just a mp3 player...


darren said...

well come get me because (you know what this space is).

but hey, i'm a creative user too! *shrugz*

seriously.. having a birthday in the middle of exam period is the suckiest thign imaginable. mine's in may so.. commiseration and condolences..

heartw|sh* said...

darren: well, since your birthday is in may, now you get to celebrate it, exam free! cos uni exams end before/early may. then you can have your 21st birthday party and people will attend! ORD yet?

Anonymous said...

Congratties again!

Btw, I know how it feels to lose something that has been with u for so long! I know! My neighbour's son borrowed a calculator that I had since I was in Primary 4. It was a good, trusty Casio one. He brought it to school and it got stolen. I am very pissed over that. Very!