Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So completely random

If my tracker is accurate, then why would anyone want to search for via Google? Or things like nus kendo singapore blog define (where 'Define Your Life' is the title of my blog)? People confuse me.

Just in case Godspeed says that I don't update again, but I guess he wouldn't bother me because he's probably busy with his own exams these few weeks. Eh, grading in November, take care of your injury and come for grading!

In about two weeks, I hope that I can get the letter announcing my acceptance into the National Institute of E********. People have been asking me why I applied so early, and honestly, I don't know why either. People on Teaching Awards, Teaching Scholarships, have said to me, "You are signing your life away!" Aww, I wish I had their TA/TS's. At least I don't need to pay back my mother's CPF upon graduation. And I have spending money without resorting to giving tuition to five different kids. But ah well, we shall see next June.

You know the list of Proofs I listed a couple of entries down? I realised that I have a copy of it lying somewhere, and that I have actually seen it a few months ago. Talk about having so much online junk that you don't even know what you have.

I believe this blog is due for an image overhaul pretty soon. Perhaps one day when I get tired of studying. Do you know what's the most taxing part? It's the editing of the html. I know close to nothing about programming, and all I've done is plagarised and tweaked the html until I am somewhat satisfied with the outcome.

A good parting one-liner might be: "I need a life." However, looking back on the past few weekends, I realise that, hey, I DO have a life, just that when I'm sitting down at home, alone, on a weekday afternoon, with my damp hair turning frizzy, I feel like I have no life.

I need to start preparing to go out soon.


darren said...

i am so done with the 'i have no life' line.

the one i'm sporting nowadays reads: 'i have a life. and it sucks.'

boonleong said...

so you confirm going to teach? haha... that's interesting.

wait. if we end up at the same school, does the fact that you graduated 3 years earlier make u my boss?