Friday, September 16, 2005

Sneak preview

Yes, I know I must be like, the slowest person to upload the dinner and dance pictures onto my blog. Yes, and also people now know that the easiest/fastest way to see whatever pictures I've taken is to come straight to this url.

Sorry to disappoint, man, but it's been a busy week. I had a test on Monday (Ordinary Differential Equations, which I got back, and I failed, as usual), too sleepy on Tuesday, lousy driving on Wednesday, long Thursday, and potentially longer Friday. Then I'd be off to Genting for three days of wild fun (yeah, like you can have fun on a mountain top; how about I throw myself off it?). Unfortunately, I have heard that there might not be internet access on the highland, so... I'll be away from civilisation! Is there anything more frightening than that?!

I'm a girl who loves her technology.

And I will wear my blue gi with the hole if it makes everyone much happier and more comfortable. Because, like Yasashii-Man says, he doesn't want to see the kai fall apart because of interpersonal issues. So okay. I'm a good law-abiding, follow-by-the-rule-book person. After all, you know I am young and innocent and very much full of shit all the time. Would anyone like to donate a bottle of indigo blue dye?

Sneak preview!

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boonleong said...

ODE fail then PDE how?

heartw|sh* said...

but boon, i'm not going to take PDE. =D i have one last module to complete next sem: complex analysis. then i'm done for the rest of my undergrad years.