Monday, September 05, 2005

Supper at You Tiao Da Wang

On Friday night, some of the Kendo people met up at Geylang for supper. Yes, the normal kind of supper where you put normal food in your mouth. Basically it was organised by Saizou (kind of) and a last dinner kind of thing for Zach, our friend from Canada. I reached Lorong 9 first, cos Dux had to drive around and around looking for a parking place. I couldn't find the place for the longest time. What big sign?! Thankfully I managed to find the place (after some trial and error) and chope a nice big table for everyone.

Food wasn't very good, frankly. I guess the only 'good' thing was the you tiao. Oily Stick, as we described to Kimchi, who hasn't seen/eaten a you tiao before. She took one bite and said, "Oh my god, this is SO oily!" And then Saizou told her what 'you tiao' meant. So much for Kimchi's diet. d= We kept asking Zach to eat, and his eyes started to glaze over after a while. His excuse was that he had been eating all day.

After eating, we crossed the road and buggered two coffeeshops before finally settling on one to have a mini-drinking session. As I can't drink, I shared a little bit with Saizou (plus my mother would kill me if I came home smelling of alcohol). I can't recall what we talked about, actually. I only remember everyone exchanging racist and sexist jokes. -_- And also some annoyingly hard finger games. Things like, drawing a circle with your right hand and a square with your left hand. You know, really random and useless stuff like that.

Now you know what we do outside of Kendo.

Picture 213: Zach, caught in the act of drinking beer with ice. He claims that Singapore is the only place where he can drink beer with ice without getting laughed at. Oh well, he's halfway back to Canada now, and then he'd soon be on his way to Japan. Lucky guy... he gets to travel about. Byebye, Zach! Remember to send me a mini-shinai from Japan for my birthday! You are the nicest. =D

Picture 214: Saizou and Kimchi. They insist that they are girlfriends, and purposely pose in intimate positions to prove their point. I have so many pictures of them, I can make an album.

Picture 215: Dux, posing weirdly for the photo like he usually does, and Twinny, posing weirdly for this photo too. Don't worry, they are not drunk. Both of them have a very high level of tolerance for alcohol. Esp Twinny, since she goes drinking after kendo sessions when she was in Japan. Decadant Poteto!

Picture 216: Yasashii Man and me! You can see my new haircut in this picture. Not very obvious though. But now I have a fringe of sorts, and a new parting! All for a cheap price of $18 (Wash Cut Blow). Posted by Picasa


darren said...

beer with ICE???!! haha.. he is wrong.. he'll STILL get laughed at in singapore!

*excuse me while i giggle myself silly*

boonleong said...

about not being able to find parking... there's a multistorey carpark in lorong 3.