Saturday, September 10, 2005

Supper pictures.

NUSKK concluded its annual general meeting on Thursday. We voted in our new committee, which I am part of. A record number of people went for supper, which is good, cos we finally get to talk to the juniors (some of them, at least). Saizou brought her cute little camera, so here are the pictures:

Picture 217: The girls at supper. Me, Saizou, Wai, and Leesar.

Picture 218: Me and Saizou! The claws are NOT OURS! Just as Saizou clicked on the shutter, Kimchi and Wai did that. Haha, comic effect.

Picture 219: Kimchi Meimei and me. I just realised that I'm wearing the same shirt from a few days ago, when we went to You Tiao Da Wang. -_- I have a very limited wardrobe.

Picture 220: The Couple.

Picture 221: Three of us again! I think I am prematurely balding. Like, what the hell?? I just got myself a new parting some more! *sob*

Picture 222: Scary me. Haha. Saizou took this picture of me from the back seat. She told me to act slutty. I don't know how to act slutty! I am young and innocent! *big wide eyes*

Picture 223: Wai and me... trying to act slutty together. I kinda like this picture... I mean, how often do you get to pose like that?! d=

Picture 224: Final picture. Posted by Picasa

Alright, I'm off to training, then for the SKC Dinner and Dance.

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