Saturday, September 24, 2005

SKC Dinner and Dance 2005

Blogging drought. I've been busy... I lead an activity-packed life. Really. Like, I went to Genting last weekend. When I should be studying for tests. Haha. Anyway, I'd better upload the SKC photos before i) they become stale; ii) people start coming after me with pitchforks. First part are pictures from my camera, then Wai's pictures, then Teef's pictures.

Go on, drool! (And if you want the number of any girl... just offer to buy me a new gi.)

Picture 226: Saizou looking pretty.

Picture 227: Our driver.

Picture 228: Stupid Root Plant and Lawyer in a Bollywood inspired outfit.

Picture 229: Either Enginger is taller than I remembered, or my heels aren't as high as I thought they were...

Picture 230: Another one of those vain shots.

Picture 231: Wai with Uncle WK and Fendy.

Picture 232: Twinny with the same two guys. What in the world are the two guys doing?!

Picture 233: This is like, some kind of papparazzi shot. I took the picture just as the flashes on the two other cameras went off, hence the result.

Picture 234: Fendy showing off his teeth. He probably really bites, but I have no intention of finding out.

Picture 235: Me and Wai, acting slutty. Again. As usual.

Picture 236: The old fogies...

Picture 237: The Eastie gang. East side is da best side!

Picture 238: Me and Saizou... Teef's camera is seriously cool. Professional and takes great pictures (yeah, it's a great camera when I look good).

Picture 239: My table! What's Fendy peering at? Posted by Picasa

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