Thursday, April 13, 2006


Argh... I was like, all ready to come to school with my Daisy (the laptop) and listen to Rent the movie OST while I study for my pharmacy. THEN. When I sat down and switched on my laptop, I realised I forgot one thing.



So while I can study for my PR next week... I am unable to enjoy my music. *sobs* I didn't bring my mouse cos I don't think I need it, but my earphones!!! *cries* I've been addicted to it for about a week now, and the worst part is, I didn't bring my Zen either!

So now I'm stuck in a room with no music. )= This sucks. And I shall start studying now.

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Hikoto said...

lol I understand your exasperation. I had a simialr incident: Nabbed my borhter's MP3 player and my PSP earphones. I don't like his earphones. Thing was, the contact point didn't fit. Little did I realise that if I had separated the segments of my PSP earphones, the other segment would fit perfectly. :' (

So muchbfor nabbing my brother's MP3 that day for school. Talk about extra weight. Although it wasn't really heavy lol.