Friday, June 09, 2006

Beach Outing

My father suddenly decided to bring the family for a picnic at Changi beach on Sunday. Since I had nothing better to do than to sit at home and watch Buffy, I decided that I should spend some quality time with my sister.

So I got picked up around 12plus, and I drove instead. Apparently my father has some problems these days with driving, so I took over. My stepmom had to look after my sister in the back seat, so it had to be me. On the bright side, my father said that my driving is more steady now. Of course! After driving for six months, almost at least once a week, it SHOULD improve, else I'd be really upset.

So, pictures, after a huge drought.

Pic 352: My stepmother and me.

Pic 353: My sister and my father, waving to me. It was my father's turn to bring her into the water. I went into the sea with her first and got my shorts wet.

Pic 354: My sister!

Pic 355: Sister running across the sand towards my father. There was this huge ship that was being tugged along.

Pic 356: Sand angels, anyone?

Pic 357: Another one. The good thing now is that she actually understands the concept of staying still for a picture.

Pic 358: Playing with sand.

Pic 359:Hehe, stepmother's turn to go into the water. I forgot what my sister was looking at. Posted by Picasa

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hy said...

you know, it's kinda odd.. but you show some resemblance to your stepmum..?!